Research: Academic Buy-In


White Paper: Achieving Academic Buy-In for Enterprise Technology—Lessons from Interfolio’s Product Advisory Committee

“Academic staff support faculty information systems more readily when an institution has a commitment to transparency and to allowing scholars to validate activity data the institution holds about them.”

How can academic institutions earn enthusiastic adoption of new technology among academic staff?

Colleges and universities have many strong reasons to bring dedicated technology onto campus specifically to help with scholarly work, data, and decisions. Yet it is widely noted that academic staff—clearly central to every institution’s academic mission—are often resistant to new systems that they feel the administration is pushing on them. And they have good reason to be.

In this free Interfolio white paper, we draw on consultations with our Product Advisory Committee—a group of academic technology leaders at institutions that use Interfolio—to present ten lessons about building buy-in for enterprise faculty technology.

The white paper advises institutional leaders on:

  • Making the information stored transparent and accessible to academic staff

  • Core areas in which to empower academic staff to benefit in their careers from data stored by the institution

  • Steps to take with administrative staff to ensure academic staff get consistent messages

Download this free white paper: