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Integrating Industry, Educators and Skills-Based Curricula

We all know there’s a skills gap. It’s real, it’s a problem, and it’s time that we move beyond talking about what it is, how large it is and why it matters to a more important topic - what do we do about it? 

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Aligning Employability and 21st-Century Skills

We must define employability, and understand that being employable does not equal being employed. The two terms are often used interchangeably and are confused with one another. But they are different, and that difference is related to the very purpose of teaching 21st-century skills in the first place. 

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Frameworks - Proving Capability, Skill and Competency

While it would be great to have a federal or even global framework, because of the needs of different organizations, any framework must be adapted to meet their needs. Let’s look at the purpose of frameworks, flexibility, funding, and what it all means when we put it together.

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Skills-Based Hiring - Agreeing on the Language of Employability

Definition of the terms ‘skills’ and ‘competencies’ in conjunction with ‘capability’ are vital to developing any framework against which a person can be assessed and matched to a particular position or career path. 

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Reflections on Employability Beyond 2020

Edalex recently had the opportunity to support research that Emeritus Professor Beverley Oliver conducted on the topic of employability, culminating in the release of the whitepaper Rethinking Employability Beyond 2020: Ten Recommendations for Universities.

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A Personal Journey - Digital Badges, Micro-Credentials and Meaningful Evidence

For many credential badges, it’s not clear what underlying skills or knowledge the micro-credential represents. What makes digital credentials meaningful in the current global economy? In this blog post, Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex, shares part of his personal journey that ultimately led to the development of the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform - the award-winning Credentialate platform.

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