What Is Credentialate?

Meet the world's first Credential Evidence Platform that helps you discover and share evidence of workplace skills.

  • As learners transition to earners, how can they differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded labour market?
  • Conversely, how can employers validate a candidate’s skills and competencies and understand their unique story?

Credentialate increases the meaning of credentials through transparency of granular achievement, offering an effective way for institutions to gather, recognise and present individual mastery of skills, which are then available to learners in a secure, flexible and modern digital format.

With Credentialate, educators can aggregate and visualise course performance data like never before. The interoperability of Credentialate automates recognition and certification, saving staff time - and money - while giving learners a superior credential.

Credentialate - the world's first Credential Evidence Platform

Evidence the competencies and skills of your learners - and your educational programs

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Discover how digital learning badges can build your employees - and your business

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Give learners a voice – Empower graduates with the language and evidence they need to differentiate themselves in the current job market... and beyond

Align graduate outcomes to job requirements – Analyse and prove how well you build job-ready skills – across programs, courses or individuals

Align educational outcomes to industry needs – Match graduates to job and industry requirements for soft skills and better meet future work needs

Spend less time doing and more time delivering – Credentialate streamlines credential management, so you can quickly deliver at scale - a key to agility

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The Credentialate Credential Evidence Platform Difference - Personal Learner-Level Evidence
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See course performance through a new lens

Credentialate allows you to visualise course performance data like never before. Create visualisations and reports that surface trends and insights - from the institutional level down to the rubric element level.

  • Gain insights into the curriculum planning and management lifecycles
  • Surface learning outcomes against graduate attributes
  • Identify potential gaps in skill coverage, supporting the accreditation process
  • Identify opportunities to enhance support for at-risk learners
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Scale quickly with automation

Automate - Harvesting and badge issuing can be triggered by external systems - such as the Student Management System (SMS). In turn, Credentialate can provide the SMS with details on earned micro-credentials and evidence pages for inclusion in learner records.

Interoperability and data integration - Credentialate has been designed from the ground-up to integrate with existing platforms within education IT ecosystems. Harvesting can occur from leading LMSs and/or other assessment tools.

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Credentialate Pilot - For those wanting to start out on their micro-credentialing and digital badge journey

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  • Do you want to offer micro-credentials... but don't know how to get started?
  • Maybe you're already familiar with micro-credentials?
  • Want to issue digital badges that include a personalised learner evidence layer?

Why not conduct a free pilot of Credentialate - including an End-of-Pilot report.

Ready to get going? So are we! View our licence tiers and submit an order request.

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Discover where you are on your micro-credential journey and plan next steps

The Micro-Credential Maturity Model is a tool to help you assess current offerings, explore organisational aspirations and map out potential steps towards implementing a micro-credential program.
  • Defines 5 key stages of micro-credential deployment - ranging from initial exploratory
  • Experiments through to an immersive, integrated experience
  • Defines important factors, segmented into 7 facets
  • Highlights sample scenarios and provides guidance on completing
  • Identifies critical success factors to short-cut your learning and help you take action faster