What Is Credentialate?

Meet the world's first Credential Evidence Platform that helps you discover and share evidence of workplace skills

Give learners a voice – Empower graduates with the language and evidence they need to differentiate themselves

Align outcomes to workplace skills – Analyse and prove how well you build job-ready skills – across programs, courses or individuals

Align outcomes to industry needs – Available globally for the first time through the Credentialate platform, utilise revolutionary new Skills-First Evidence Alignment functionality

Spend less time doing and more time delivering – Credentialate streamlines credential management, so you can quickly deliver at scale - a key to agility

Credentialate - the world's first Credential Evidence Platform with Skills-First Evidence Alignment

Where to start with micro-credentials and digital badges

There’s been a growing trend in the education sector towards short-form and alternative learning courses - accelerated by the advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic. While you may recognise that your institution needs to get into this space to compete, it can be difficult to know where to get started with micro-credentials and digital badges.

We’ve compiled a range of resources below that will help bring you up to speed with the rise of micro-credentials, what you can do to get started and where you can go for further information. You’ll also learn about Credentialate - the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform that helps you discover and share evidence of workplace skills.

Skills-first evidence alignment

Traditionally, digital credentials are created by linking to the course’s learning outcomes. With Credentialate, the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform, education providers could also include a personalised evidence page with qualitative and quantitative detail of achievement.

Now, Credentialate has developed Skills-First Evidence Alignment, in recognition and support of the burgeoning skills economy, as a way for educator to apply backwards-design to micro-credential development.

Credentialate Skills-First Evidence Alignment

Mastery approach - by aligning the curriculum to skills and competencies, learners can fill the gaps in their learning and build towards mastery of a particular skill or competency

Get actionable insights - the institution can identify gaps and be agile in adapting to meet market needs

Career-aligned evidence record - with personalised evidence, learners can speak confidently to their skills and competencies and easily share proof of same

Surfaces durable (transferable) and domain specific skills - institutions can identify both from within their curriculum

Speed to market - get a micro-credential program up and running quicker, using existing course content and learner data already captured by the institution

Strengthen recruitment strategy - as industry needs are the first consideration, graduates are job-ready as soon as they graduate, creating more competitive course offerings

Platform flexibility - at every stage, Credentialate gives you the option to configure to your unique requirements to get the outcomes you want

Credentialate features

The power of Credentialate, lies in its ability to:

  • Collect and aggregate learner data from multiple sources into a centralised system
  • Align data to in-demand skills and competencies, frameworks and labour market data
  • Issue a personalised evidence record with qualitative and quantitative detail
  • Track and manage competency achievement outside of course silos

More than that, Credentialate:

  • Utilises automation and templates to reduce human workload and enable scale workload
  • Integrates non-formal and formal education into a single, framework-aligned evidence record
  • Reduces the time and cost of launching skills-based micro-credentials
Credentialate Pilot - For those wanting to start out on their micro-credentialing and digital badge journey

Request a Proof of Concept

A good first step for most of the institutions we work with, is to order a free Proof of Concept, which will provide you with a report that can be used as a business case for Skills-First Evidence Alignment.

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