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We are at a pivotal moment in time where education, employability, labour markets and individual careers are all being impacted by global political, environmental and technological change.

Here you'll find our dynamic list of 'ah-ha' inspiring resources, which will continue to grow as the skills climate evolves. Resources are listed in reverse date order from when they were added.

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Date Added Author / Publisher Title
21 February 2022 Michael Itzkowitz Out With the Old, In With the New: Rating Higher Ed by Economic Mobility
21 February 2022 CAEL and Strada Attracting Adult Learners with Credit for Prior Learning
21 February 2022 Karin Klein Skills, not schools. It took a pandemic and BLM to get employers looking at new ways to hire
21 February 2022 Rachel Toor Rethinking the Faculty Role in Students’ Career Readiness
21 February 2022 S.D.Meyer & V. Saraf From Web3 to Ed3 - Reimagining Education in a Decentralized World
21 February 2022 Ben Wildavski No, Google isn’t making college degrees obsolete
1 February 2022 Dr Sean Gallagher The Still-Evolving Future of University Credentials
1 February 2022 Lili Allen How Young Adults Can Advance in a Turbulent Economy?
1 February 2022 Moira Macdonald Are Micro-credentials the Future of Higher Ed?
8 December 2021 The ICoBC The Role for 21st Century Skills in Badging, Micro-credentialing and Skills-based Hiring
8 December 2021 Sean Gallagher The Microlearning Moment in Workplace Learning
8 December 2021 Ruth Porat Expanding pathways into higher education and the workforce
8 December 2021 Lilah Burke Community colleges keep losing students. Can targeted programs change that?
27 October 2021 S.R.Gallagher, R.Mosley, T.Sanders The New Landscape for Workplace Learning: Employers and Workers Managing the Digital Transition
27 October 2021 David Leaser Will Micro-Credentials Be the Rx Needed to Fix Our Ailing Degree Systems?
27 October 2021 Lilah Burke What Does It Mean to Skill 30 million People? IBM Looks to Find Out
27 October 2021 CBE Network Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs
27 October 2021 The evoLLLution How Do Micro-Credentials Stack Up?
27 October 2021 The Campus Now Is the Time to Design A System in Which All Learning Counts
27 October 2021 E. Nadworny You Don't Need a Bachelor's Degree to Land a High-Paying Job
26 October 2021 Mantz Yorke Employability in Higher Education: What It Is - What It Is Not
26 October 2021 Recruiting News Network Reskilling Your Workforce to Aid Internal Mobility
5 October 2021 Emeritus Professor Beverly Oliver A Conversation Starter: Towards a Common Definition of Micro-credentials
5 October 2021 E. Ossiannilsson, A.D.Singh ICoBC Taxonomy, Quality Criteria, and Quality Grid
5 October 2021 Catherine Turner Moving the Graduate Story Beyond Employment
5 October 2021 J.Richards, C.Dede The 60-Year Curriculum: A Strategic Response to a Crisis
5 October 2021 Linda Darling-Hammond Teacher Learning That Supports Student Learning: What Teachers Need to Know
5 October 2021 Universities Australia Guidance for Portability of Australian Micro-credentials
5 October 2021 EdTech Evidence Exchange The EdTech Genome Project Report
5 October 2021 Website Micro-credential Sans Frontières (MCSF)

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