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We are at a pivotal moment in time where education, employability, labour markets and individual careers are all being impacted by global political, environmental and technological change.

Here you'll find our dynamic list of 'ah-ha' inspiring resources, which will continue to grow as the skills climate evolves. Resources are listed in reverse date order from when they were added.

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Date Added Author / Publisher Title
8 December 2021 The ICoBC The Role for 21st Century Skills in Badging, Micro-credentialing and Skills-based Hiring
8 December 2021 Sean Gallagher The Microlearning Moment in Workplace Learning
8 December 2021 Ruth Porat Expanding pathways into higher education and the workforce
8 December 2021 Lilah Burke Community colleges keep losing students. Can targeted programs change that?
27 October 2021 S.R.Gallagher, R.Mosley, T.Sanders The New Landscape for Workplace Learning: Employers and Workers Managing the Digital Transition
27 October 2021 David Leaser Will Micro-Credentials Be the Rx Needed to Fix Our Ailing Degree Systems?
27 October 2021 Lilah Burke What Does It Mean to Skill 30 million People? IBM Looks to Find Out
27 October 2021 CBE Network Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs
27 October 2021 The evoLLLution How Do Micro-Credentials Stack Up?
27 October 2021 The Campus Now Is the Time to Design A System in Which All Learning Counts
27 October 2021 E. Nadworny You Don't Need a Bachelor's Degree to Land a High-Paying Job
26 October 2021 Mantz Yorke Employability in Higher Education: What It Is - What It Is Not
26 October 2021 Recruiting News Network Reskilling Your Workforce to Aid Internal Mobility
5 October 2021 Emeritus Professor Beverly Oliver A Conversation Starter: Towards a Common Definition of Micro-credentials
5 October 2021 E. Ossiannilsson, A.D.Singh ICoBC Taxonomy, Quality Criteria, and Quality Grid
5 October 2021 Catherine Turner Moving the Graduate Story Beyond Employment
5 October 2021 J.Richards, C.Dede The 60-Year Curriculum: A Strategic Response to a Crisis
5 October 2021 Linda Darling-Hammond Teacher Learning That Supports Student Learning: What Teachers Need to Know
5 October 2021 Universities Australia Guidance for Portability of Australian Micro-credentials
5 October 2021 EdTech Evidence Exchange The EdTech Genome Project Report
5 October 2021 Website Micro-credential Sans Frontières (MCSF)
14 September 2021 I.Cardenas-Navia, S.Jyotishi Everything You’ve Ever Learned
14 September 2021 Remie Verougstrate Western Governors University Maps Curriculum to In-Demand Skills
14 September 2021 Michael Itzkowitz Which College Programs Give Students the Best Bang for Their Buck?
14 September 2021 J-WEL Using the Human Skills Matrix
14 September 2021 Heléne Clark Theory of Change in a Nutshell
14 September 2021 Shinaz Navas Why Are We Investing in This Space?
14 September 2021 EvoLLLution Building Institutional Capacity for Microcredentials: A Framework for Innovation
24 August 2021 M. Sanjaya, P.Santosh Technology-Enabled Learning: Policy, Pedagogy and Practice
24 August 2021 Elin Johnson ASU Goes Big With Work-based Learning ‘Marketplace’
24 August 2021 Achievers Workforce Institute Achievers Workforce Institute 2021 Engagement and Retention Report
24 August 2021 Arnold Ventures From Dropout to Dreams, With an Assist
24 August 2021 IBM American Council on Education Validates IBM Apprenticeship Program, Recommends College Credit to Participants
24 August 2021 UTS Need Chane Careers? AI Tool Can Help
9 August 2021 McKinsey & Company Defining the Skills Citizens Will Need in the Future World of Work
9 August 2021 Strada Education Network Examining the Value of Nondegree Credentials
9 August 2021 Cision PR Newswire Education Design Lab Launches Collaborative to Give Job-Seekers Credit for Lived Experience
9 August 2021 JFF Let’s Streamline the Transition From High School to College and Careers
9 August 2021 Rupert Ward & co-writers Towards a 21st Century Personalised Learning Skills Taxonomy
9 August 2021 National Skills Commisson Australian Skills Classification - BETA release Discussion Paper
9 August 2021 Mark Brown & co-writers The Global Micro-credential Landscape: Charting a New Credential Ecology for Lifelong Learning
9 August 2021 Charleskoch Foundation What is Digital Credentialing? And How Could it Change Education?
9 August 2021 HEQCO Making Sense of Microcredentials
9 August 2021 EvoLLLution The Rapidly Changing Global Landscape of Microcredentials
9 August 2021 EvoLLLution The Importance of Incremental Credentialing: An Employer’s View
9 August 2021 QILT Student Experience Survey
13 July 2021 Forbes The Rise Of Skills-Based Hiring And What It Means For Education
13 July 2021 Science Gate Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability
13 July 2021 HuffPost I Have A Bachelor’s Degree And Still Work 4 Jobs To Make Ends Meet
13 July 2021 Pocket Burnt Out: Is the Exhausting Cult of Productivity Finally Over?
13 July 2021 Coursera Coursera Skills Reports
13 July 2021 Anchor Podcast: Beyond Multiple Choice: The Future of Assessment
13 July 2021 Wall Street Journal ‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off
13 July 2021 Australian Government Higher Education Enrolments and Graduate Labour Market Statistics
15 June 2021 Open Skills Network Partner Spotlight Showcase - May 20, 2021
15 June 2021 Mario Barosevcic An Urgency of Acknowledging and Tackling the Prevalent Basic Skills Gap
15 June 2021 Mario Barosevcic Technology Enabled Teaching & Learning in Higher Education: Opportunities and Tactics
15 June 2021 The EvoLLLution Aligning Education and Workforce to Meet Learners Needs
15 June 2021 Sarah DeMark/Joann Kozyrev Enabling Pathways to Opportunity Through A Skill-based Architecture
15 June 2021 DeBruce Foundation Essential Skills Report
15 June 2021 Forbes The Future of Work Will Demand These 8 New Skills
15 June 2021 IMS GLobal Wellspring Project Phase I Report
26 May 2021 Harvard Business Review The U.S. Education System Isn’t Giving Students What Employers Need
26 May 2021 Forbes Pandemic-To-Permanent: 11 Lasting Changes To Higher Education
26 May 2021 Financial Review Penalising UNIs For Poor Performance Could Be Illegal
26 May 2021 NCRN Nondegree Credentialing: A Global Issue
26 May 2021 NCRN Briefing for Stakeholders of the Non-Degree Credentials Research Network
26 May 2021 Financial Times Employers Shift Focus From Education to Skills
4 May 2021 Gallup Workplace Why IBM Chooses Skills Over Degrees
4 May 2021 NACE What Is Career Readiness?
4 May 2021 Credential Engine Creating Equitable Futures for All Learners Through Credential Transparency
4 May 2021 Emerge Education COVID is Higher Education's Emperor's New Clothes Moment
4 May 2021 Open Skills Network 2021 Spring Pilots Kick Off
4 May 2021 ECIU ECIU University Member Institutions Are in a Dialogue With National Stakeholders to Bring the Micro-Credentials Movement Further
4 May 2021 McKinsey & Company Building Workforce Skills at Scale to Thrive During - and After - the COVID-19 Crisis
4 May 2021 CNBC 1 in 4 Workers is Considering Quitting Their Job After the Pandemic - Here's Why
4 May 2021 Wonkhe Micro-Credentials – Big Problems?
13 April 2021 BCG The Future of Jobs in the Era of AI
13 April 2021 Skillnet Ireland A Micro-Credential Roadmap: Currency Cohesion and Consistency
13 April 2021 Talent Transformation Video: Future of Well Defined Competencies
13 April 2021 BC Business 2021 Education Guide: Micro-Credentials are Catching on at B.C. Universities and Colleges
13 April 2021 Learning Economy Mapping the New Learning Ecosystem: Colorado and Beyond
13 April 2021 ICEF Monitor Global Survey Reveals Growing Interest in Shorter Programmes and Lifelong Learning
13 April 2021 The Age TAFE Inquiry to Look at New Uni Partnerships and 'Micro-Credentials'
13 April 2021 The Washington Post Some Liberal-Arts-Focused Colleges are Adding Career and Technical Training Certificates
23 March 2021 Education Design Lab Four Insights from Employers: How Learning Providers Can Design Industry-aligned Pathways
23 March 2021 Emerge Education and Future Learn A Pivotal Point: The Future of Workforce Development
23 March 2021 Optus How We Are Upskilling Our People to Drive Our Business Into the Future
23 March 2021 Taylor & Francis Graduate Employability: The Higher Education Landscape in Australia
23 March 2021 The evolllution Leveraging Credential Innovation to Drive Meaningful Pathways to Degrees and Careers
23 March 2021 The evolllution To Understand the Non-Degree Credentialing World, Go Global
23 March 2021 Commonwealth of Learning The Missing Pieces: Micro-Credentials for Building a Lifelong Learning Society
23 March 2021 Politico How to Rebuild the Workforce Without a Four-Year Degree
23 March 2021 DeakinCo The Future Workforce Will be Built on Capabilities, Not Skills. Here are the Top 7
2 March 2021 Studies in Higher Education Development, Validation and Deployment of the EmployABILITY Scale
2 March 2021 BBC Could Micro-credentials Compete with Traditional Degrees?
2 March 2021 Learning Economy Memes, Metaphors and the IoE: A Steward's Guide & 2020 Postmortem
2 March 2021 Coursera Bridging Curricula with Career Paths
2 March 2021 Phil on EdTech RNL Acquisition of Helix Education: The OPM Story
16 February 2021 ECIU University Paving the Road for the Micro-Credentials Movement
16 February 2021 eCampus News 16 Predictions for Higher-Ed Edtech in 2021
16 February 2021 Tampere University AI is Making Students’ Competency Profiles Compatible With Job Market Needs
16 February 2021 UK Department for Education Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth
16 February 2021 Forbes Career Services Will Define The Next Big Boom In College Enrollment
16 February 2021 Ambition Never Rests Video Series (WGU) Are We Ready for a Skill-Based Economy?
16 February 2021 Coursera Global Skills Index
16 February 2021 University World News What is the Role of Universities in Global Upskilling?
16 February 2021 The Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability An Integrative Literature Review of the Implementation of Micro-Credentials in Higher Education: Implications for Practice in Australasia
16 February 2021 EvoLLLution Evolving Our Credentialing Ecosystems for the Future of Work (Part 2)
16 February 2021 World Economic Forum Building a Common Language for Skills at Work A Global Taxonomy
16 February 2021 Commonwealth of Learning Workforce Development in the Post-COVID World: Digital Micro-Credentials as a Lever for Transformation
16 February 2021 eLiterate A Courseware Platform for Expressing Pedagogical Intent
1 February 2021 The Economist The Coming “Relevance Renaissance” in Higher Education
1 February 2021 Training Industry Competency-Based Education and the Future of Work
1 February 2021 Emsi Skills Required
19 January 2021 Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) Skills for Tomorrow
19 January 2021 European Commisssion A European Approach to Micro-credentials
19 January 2021 EvoLLLution Introducing Digital Credentials to Universities
19 January 2021 The Times of India Assessment: The Evidence of Learning
19 January 2021 Times Higher Education Broken Employability Metrics Need a Post-Pandemic Revamp
19 January 2021 Prospects Luminate UK Graduate Labour Market Update: 04 January
19 January 2021 Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
Workplace Basics: The Competencies Employers Want

16 December 2020 Velocity Network HR and Education Tech Powerhouses Showcase Verifiable Career Credentials
16 December 2020 MIT Work of the Future
16 December 2020 PwC Future of Work: Thinking Beyond
16 December 2020 Jisc Step Up Visions for the Long Term Future of Learning and Teaching
16 December 2020 Learning Economy Neuro-hacking International Education
16 December 2020 EDUCAUSE The 60-Year Curriculum: A Strategic Response to a Crisis
16 December 2020 Inside Higher Ed Podcast Episode 23: The Push for a Learner Record System
16 December 2020 Workcred Aligning And Embedding Industry Certifications With Bachelor’s Degrees
16 December 2020 Harvard Business Review Does Higher Education Still Prepare People for Jobs?
24 November 2020 Edalex / EduBrief Rethinking Employability Beyond 2020: Ten Recommendations for Universities
24 November 2020 IBM IBM Connected Credentials: Recognizing Skill Development and Progression
24 November 2020 EHEA Rome 2020 Rome Ministerial Communiqué
24 November 2020 The Institute for Working Futures Widening the Talent Pipeline: Facilitating STEM Careers in New-Collar Jobs in Australia
24 November 2020 EDUCAUSE Microcredentialing / Alternative Credentialing: Resources and Literature
24 November 2020 Australian Government Workforce of the Future: Focus on Mining (VIDEO)
9 November 2020 EDUCAUSE Top IT Issues, 2021: Emerging from the Pandemic
9 November 2020 Melbourne Graduate School of Education Futureproofing Students - What they need to know and how educators can assess and credential them
9 November 2020 Work-Learning Research Factors That Support Training Transfer: A Brief Synopsis of the Transfer Research
9 November 2020 KPMG KPMG Connected Enterprise for Higher Education
9 November 2020 National Institute for Digital Learning Micro-Credential Observatory
9 November 2020 EduBrief Resources
27 October 2020 International Labour Organisation Guidelines On Rapid Assessment Of Reskilling And Upskilling Needs In Response To The COVID-19 Crisis
27 October 2020 Microbol Micro-credentials Linked To The Bologna Key Commitments
27 October 2020 American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Learning And Employment Records Progress And The Path Forward
27 October 2020 ACODE Survey Of Micro-credentialing Practice In Australasian Universities 2020
27 October 2020 Faethm AI  
27 October 2020 Working Futures Human Capability Standards Reference Model
27 October 2020 Otago Polytechnic Digital Platform That Empowers Learners To Develop
Work-ready Capabilities, And Connects The Right Learners To The Right Employers
27 October 2020 Open Skills Network  
27 October 2020 Concentric Sky/Badgr + Credential Engine  
27 October 2020 Badgr Incorporating Emsi Skills In Badges
Credentialate_Mock Up

Discover where you are on your micro-credential journey and plan next steps

The Micro-Credential Maturity Model is a tool to help you assess current offerings, explore organisational aspirations and map out potential steps towards implementing a micro-credential program.
  • Defines 5 key stages of micro-credential deployment - ranging from initial exploratory
  • Experiments through to an immersive, integrated experience
  • Defines important factors, segmented into 7 facets
  • Highlights sample scenarios and provides guidance on completing
  • Identifies critical success factors to short-cut your learning and help you take action faster

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