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The Credentialate Update 

Thanks for your interest in our Credentialate Update.

Find below an archive of previous issues for your review, listed in reverse date order.

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Issue Date Subject
019 16 November 2021 Lens on Educators - Career Mobility, Web 3.0, Fortnite and Meta Universities
018 5 October 2021 Watch Our Latest Video Interview: Bridging the Gap Between Digital Skills and Employability
017 15 September 2021 Watch Our New Video Interview: Aligning Non-Formal to Formal Pathways
016 24 August 2021 Lens on Educators - How Educators Can Impact Employability Outcomes
015 10 August 2021 Lens on Learners - 2021 Employability Outcomes Survey Whitepaper
014 14 July 2021 Lens on Learners - Employability Outcomes of Recent College Graduates and Employability Data Guide
013 16 June 2021 Lens on Learners - Capturing K-12 Non-Formal Learning Achivements
012 27 May 2021 Watch Video Interview on the European Approach to Micro-Credentials
011 5 May 2021 Lens on Lifelong Learners - Unemployed, Underemployed and Displaced
010 14 April 2021 New Blog Series: Stakeholders in the Modern Credential Marketplace
009 24 March 2021 Authentic Assessment of Critical Skills Video and Read Last Post in our Series
008 4 March 2021 Integrating Industry, Educators and Skills-Based Curricula
007 16 February 2021 Aligning Employability with 21st-Century Skills and Creating an Industry-Aligned Micro-Credentials Framework
006 02 February 2021 Frameworks - Proving Capability, Skill and Competency
005 19 January 2021 Skills-Based Hiring - Agreeing on the Language and Full Video Interview Now Available
004 17 December 2020 Do You Know the Meaning of 'Employability' in Today's World? Watch Video Interview
003 25 November 2020 Rethinking Employability Beyond 2020: Ten Recommendations for Universities
002 10 November 2020 A Micro-Credentialing Journey and Bringing Assessment & Credentials Together
001 27 October 2020 Can You Remember What Gave You Your Last 'Ah-Ha' Insight?


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Discover where you are on your micro-credential journey and plan next steps

The Micro-Credential Maturity Model is a tool to help you assess current offerings, explore organisational aspirations and map out potential steps towards implementing a micro-credential program.
  • Defines 5 key stages of micro-credential deployment - ranging from initial exploratory
  • Experiments through to an immersive, integrated experience
  • Defines important factors, segmented into 7 facets
  • Highlights sample scenarios and provides guidance on completing
  • Identifies critical success factors to short-cut your learning and help you take action faster