Connect the Dots in the Skills Economy with Credentialate

How does Credentialate connect the dots between the skills in your curriculum, rich skill descriptors (RSD) and learner data? How does it align skills to frameworks and job market data? What personal, evidence-rich information is included with the digital badges? 

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Issue rich personal evidence from within a digital badge

Credentialate includes learner-level qualitative and quantitative detail within a digital badge. Learners can speak confidently about and prove their skills and alignment to frameworks provide meaning to employers - win-win

The evolving skills ecosystem

Credentialate sits in the center of the skills ecosystem and provides the Skills Core - the connective tissue that integrates with each segment so that you can work with the entire ecosystem

Credentialate Fit in the Evolving Skills Ecosystem
Rich Skill Descriptors (RSD)

The building blocks of the ecosystem - rich skill descriptors (RSD)

RSDs provide a common language and global definition for skills. They use structured data, making them interoperable, machine-readable and transferable. Enabling us to align learning and job market outcomes

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Data mapping and support to get you up and running - and scaling quickly

Credentialate's development is rooted in standards, making us highly interoperable. Data mapping helps you use what you already have and maps it to the latest frameworks and datasets to deliver a seamless modern experience

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We integrate with
Brightspace by D2L
Canvas by Instructure
Importance of Skills Recognition

We enable skills recognition as learners walk the learn-to-earn journey

  • Learners can prove what they know - even before they finish learning
  • Educators can identify areas of the curriculum that do - or do not -  serve skills
  • Employers can see what graduates can bring to a role and how it aligns with their needs

See how others are using skills to set themselves apart

We work with organisations around the world, wherever learning occurs - from non-formal education, K-12 to vocational, universities, graduate schools and community to leading business organisations. Discover use cases that highlight the variety of settings in which we work

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