Give learners the evidence they need to really shine

Help employers see learners through a wider lens

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The clarity Credentialate provides is a win-win for everyone

Provide graduates the job-ready resources they need

Give learners the language to clearly articulate and communicate their achievements

Empower learners to competitively differentiate themselves by highlighting their unique strengths

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Empower employers to assess beyond marks by giving them a more holistic view of your learner's skills

Enable the immediate validation of learner achievements, with personal qualitative and quantitative evidence included with the digital badge

See course performance through a new lens

Credentialate allows you to visualise course performance data like never before. Create visualisations and reports that surface trends and insights - from the institutional level down to the rubric element level.

  • Gain insights into the curriculum planning and management lifecycles
  • Surface learning outcomes against graduate attributes
  • Identify potential gaps in skill coverage, supporting the accreditation process
  • Identify opportunities to enhance support for at-risk learners
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Automated for delivery at scale

Agility and speed to market are increasingly important in today's environment. Credentialate supports your ability to add greater value to learners quickly and at scale.

Issue, track and manage attainment of competencies and digital badges - individually or en masse - from a single, easy-to-use cloud-based platform. 

With interoperability and automation key factors in Credentialate's design, you can be up and running fast, using existing data and delivering the most personalised credential on the market.

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Micro-credentials are moving fast

Micro-credentials have grown in recognition and use in recent years - and are set to become even more so as educators and learners adjust to a post-COVID world. We can help you navigate through with tools and resources like these:
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Micro-Credential Maturity Model

Discover where you are on your micro-credential journey and plan next steps

The Micro-Credential Maturity Model is a tool to help you assess current offerings, explore organisational aspirations and map out potential steps towards implementing a micro-credential program.

  • Defines 5 key stages of micro-credential deployment - ranging from initial exploratory experiments through to an immersive, integrated experience
  • Defines important factors, segmented into 7 facets
  • Highlights sample scenarios and provides guidance on completing 
  • Identifies critical success factors to short-cut your learning and help you take action faster