Manage and control evidence of learning in Credentialate using the Evidence Matrix Builder and store and share Artefacts of learning - such as documents, presentations and videos. Evidence is included and accessed via the Personal Evidence Record, unique to each of your learners, providing an above and beyond student experience, geared specifically to boost employability outcomes.

Evidence Matrix Builder

The Evidence Matrix Builder provides a flexible yet robust framework from which digital credentials can be created without the need for an existing rubric. Instead, map the elements of the competency to assessment and evidence, with or independent of the learning management system (LMS).

Credentialate Evidence Matrix Builder - Skills-First Evidence Alignment

Here’s an example of what this looks like in Credentialate:

  1. Select a competency from the Skills and Competency Library
  2. Select the evidence source - such as a course in your LMS
  3. Select gradebook items or an LMS course rubric
  4. Map assessment items to competency elements - such as assignments or quizzes
  5. Evidence Matrix detail is displayed in the personalised evidence record
Credentialate Evidence Matrix
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Credentialate is expanding the scope of evidence beyond quantitative and qualitative feedback to dramatically enrich the evidence with Artefacts. Credentialate introduces the ability for organisations to upload and store personal artefacts for learners in the form of files such as videos, images and documents, to use as customised evidence of skills for a credential.

Artefacts can be uploaded and stored in Credentialate using the Credentialate API, and displayed as links in a new Artefacts section on the Personal Evidence Record where they can be shared and downloaded.

Credentialate Arfefacts

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