Where Credentialate Fits in the Evolving Skills Ecosystem

The Skills Ecosystem comprises segments of equal value, is dynamic and constantly evolving. Credentialate sits at the centre of this ecosystem, and acts as the Skills Core, the connective tissue, that integrates with each segment so that you can operate effectively with the entire ecosystem. With Credentialate at the centre, skills data can be optimised so that recognition of learning creates currency and value for the learner, the institution and industry.

Where Credentialate fits in the Evolving Ecosystem

LMS and Assessment

Credentialate integrates with learning, management and assessment platforms to extract and align the learner achievement data and the artefacts of learning that support the proof that learners can do what they say they can.


We integrate with badging agents, who are the digital recognition and representation of that learning. We pass the personal evidence record that we create within Credentialate onto badging agents, which is then baked into the metadata of the digital badge.

Skills and Job Market Data

Skills and job market data connects to rich skill descriptors (RSD), creating a common language or taxonomy. It creates the context and value to provide currency for the learner to use in job markets.


All of this is aligned to frameworks as benchmarks of skills and competencies, usually represented either at an institutional level, at an industry level or at a national level. When you start with a framework, everything else tends to connect back to it, so it's a really important piece of the pie because it provides the anchor point for skills and competencies - for the learner, for the institution and industry. They reference the common skills language.

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Credential Exchanges

From a learner and marketplace perspective, credential exchanges are becoming increasingly important. Credential exchanges are getting the most attention at the moment and are the most dynamic. We are building to a data standards-based ecosystem, where pathways are only possible if the data can move through it. Once you get to credential exchanges then, the learner has agency over their learning data. They have agency over where they store it and how they can share it and with whom they share it with. That's really only possible if the data is in a format that allows for that exchange process to happen.

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