As a K-12 school, you may face a number of challenges – but you don’t have to do it alone. Credentialate meets many needs specific to the K-12 market, such as saving teacher reporting time, a dynamic 24/7 dashboard that increases visibility of learner progress for the learning team and digitising your portrait of a graduate. We work with your existing systems to help you scale quickly.

Credentialate Supporting K12 Industries

Benefits to K-12 schools

Save Teacher Reporting Time

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Teachers save reporting time with a dynamic 24/7 dashboard. They mark once and the results are instantly available to all stakeholdersa

Dynamic 24/7 Visibility

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Parents/carers gain dynamic insight into their learner’s performance

Progress of Learning Visibility

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Learners can view strengths and areas for development throughout the teaching period, and track their progress

Example use case

See how the Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) has used the Learner Dashboard to support their mastery learning and give their learning community unparalleled insight into learning progression in Curriculum (syllabus outcomes), Cross Curriculum (soft skills such as collaboration and critical thinking), Co-curriculum, and Commitment to School Values.


“The HSPA Learner Dashboard fosters a gamified, growth mindset for learning. It provides students with authentic digital badges that they can keep and use throughout their lives, and gives parents comprehensive, real-time updates on learning progression at a glance.”

Credentialate drives K-12 innovation

The ‘Driving K-12 Innovation‘ report – published by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), identifies the hurdles, accelerators and tech enablers in 2024. Here are some of the specific areas where Credentialate has an impact: (Contact us to find out more)

K-12 Innovation Drivers - Edalex Alignment
Portrait of a graduate

Digitize your portrait of a graduate

To scale and be sustainable, your portrait of a graduate has to be digital. The good news is that technology enabling skills visibility is already here. Tech enablement enables graduates and learners at all levels to showcase all of the skills they have acquired through a variety of learning pathways.

Through the use of machine-readable data, combined with human inputs, educators, learners, and employers can access data about the learner’s progress and achievements 24/7.

Portrait of a graduate recognises all learning, and tech enablement is available with us.

How we do it

Credentialate K12 Quick Win Page_Credentialate Functionalities Automate Reporting

Automate reporting to learners and parents

Mark once and share key outcome results in real time with all stakeholders. This saves the need to mark in the learning management system (LMS), then share those results with the learner information system (SIS), then prepare a report for the parents (which is usually based on a generic template) before being able to engage in performance-based discussions with learners and their parents. 

Credentialate K12 Quick Win Page_Credentialate Functionalities Learner Dashboard

24/7 Learner Dashboard

Learners, parents, teachers and school administrators all have access and full visibility of each learner’s progress. Gone are the days of old school report cards – why wait till the end of term to learn how learners are progressing? Learners are motivated by peer gamification and are keen to progress to the next level. Parents don’t have to call the school or teacher asking for insights on learner performance.

Credentialate K12 Quick Win Page_Credentialate Functionalities Progression Towards Mastery

Recognise progression towards mastery

Learner progression against different outcomes is traditionally reported after each teaching period, year, and multi-year stage. But in between these milestones, learners can show where they are at any given point along the way through a provisional badge. This gives learners credentials before they finish school that they can use to find work or other settings, and motivation to improve.

Credentialate K12 Quick Win Page_Credentialate Functionalities Personalised Teacher Feedback

Give personalised teacher feedback

With Credentialate, teachers can intervene and provide feedback at an individual learner level, automatically, and based on marking the learner once, not multiple times in different systems.

Credentialate K12 Quick Win Page_Credentialate Functionalities Whole of Student Recognition

Whole of learner recognition

Credentialate enables achievement across a curriculum (as per the State and National syllabus), cross curriculum and co-curriculum. Learners are able to show proof of their skills and achievements in all areas of their life – ideal when prospecting for jobs or post-secondary education.

Credentialate K12 Quick Win Page_Credentialate Functionalities Credential Mobility

Credential mobility

Digital badges with an embedded Personal Evidence Record are portable outside of the K-12 environment, travelling with the learner as they journey through their life.

Scale and grow as your programs do

Credentialate is built from the ground-up to be rolled out at scale by seamlessly connecting with your legacy systems and platforms. It can expand with your needs. Schools can step through 3 key stages:

  1. Start simply by issuing digital badges
  2. Issue personalised learner evidence attached to the badges
  3. Provide a learner portal with dynamic updates to learner and parents

Explore Credentialate features

Personal Evidence

Visibility and recognition of skills

Provisional Evidence

Recognise progression of learning

Templates Library

Maintain consistency and scale faster

Create, Store & Share Evidence

Award badges and embed evidence

Learner Dashboard

24/7 visibility of learner progress

Learner Passport

Next generation learning credentials

Browse Credentialate solutions

Digital Badges

Digital badges recognise skills or workplace achievement and are flexible and easily shared. Manage complex awarding criteria


Make learners' skills visible and show proof of what they can do through quantitative and qualitative data and artefacts of learning

Skills Data

Create order from data chaos. Unleash skills data from disparate systems. Surface insights for the institution, learner and employers


Enable comptency-based education (CBE), mastery-based and other types of learning models. Recognise progression of learning

Learner Dashboard

Dynamic 24/7 display of provisional and earned badges, cohort comparison and feedback accessible by the learning community

Learner Passport

Provide a holistic portrait of a learner that supports employability in their current learning journey and throughout their lifelong learning
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