Why the Credentialate Learner Dashboard?

The Credentialate Learner Dashboard provides the learning community – learners, parents, teachers and administrators  – with dynamic, 24/7 insight into each learner’s progress

The Learner Dashboard can be customised to a range of learning models – such as competency-based education (CBE) mastery-based models and others

The Learner Dashboard digitally represents and recognises progression of learning, with Provisional Evidence Records that update across a period of time and show the latest achieved level until the final digital credential is issued

Once the learner leaves school, they maintain ownership of their digital backpack, where they can manage and share their digital credentials. Access and control over their digital credentials gives them learner agency

The Credentialate Learner Dashboard provides a dynamic portrait of a learner that is accessible 24/7 by all stakeholders in the learning community, including learners, parents, teachers and administrators. Typically displayed in the dashboard (with links to in-depth data) are the learners provisional and earned badges, cohort comparison and a digital backpack and attendance tracking is available as a custom module. The learning community can see what the learner has achieved, what they still need to achieve and where they sit in relation to their peers. Learners have full access and control over their digital credentials via a digital backpack, while they’re learning and as they continue on into employment or further education.

Competency-based education (CBE) is a framework for teaching and assessment of learning based on predetermined competencies, with a focus on outcomes and real-world performance. CBE is a flexibile learning model where learners can progress at their own pace and depth. It recognises what the learner already knows and focuses on learners’ demonstrated capabilities of desired learning outcomes instead of standarised assessment. CBE supports learners with diverse knowledge backgrounds, literacy levels, and other related aptitudes. Learners are able to prove their understanding on more personal and authentic terms. CBE can reduce inefficiency (including time spent learning) and increase pedagogical precision and achievement.

A Provisional Evidence Record recognises progression towards mastery during a study period. Learners receive timely feedback, gain confidence as they progress and can share proof of their learning throughout and not just at the end of their studies. Provisional Evidence Records use gamification to track and drive learner progress. At the end of a course, learners receive an immutable digital credential that can be instantly verified. Provisional Evidence Records make learners’ skills visible and are positioned in context with job markets through rich skill descriptors (RSDs), detailed evidence of skill achievement including artefacts, framework alignments and occupational and job market data.

A digital backpack is an online space where learners can store, curate and share their digital credentials. Learners retain management and control over their digital digital backpack after they complete their learning and can continue to add credentials as they engage in lifelong learning. Digital credentials can be organised into collections of complementary skills and be shared as a skill set with prospective employers and others.

Key elements of the Credentialate Learner Dashboard

Learner Dashboard - Key elements
Learner Dashboard - Home (Demo)

Attendance – Credentialate can incorporate external data feeds to display attendance statistics (custom module).

Recognise all learning – We are more than just a grade. With Credentialate you can digitally recognise all learning, whether that learning is happening through the curriculum, cross-curriculum or even co-curricular activities. Credentials can be issued that include evidence from multiple courses or sources, which is relevant for most durable or 21st century skills – which employers value most and are in high demand.

Digital backpack – A Provisional Evidence Record can be shared throughout a learning journey and a digital badge is issued once the highest level of achievement is reached. When learners graduate or want to use their badges for employment, they can go into their digital backpack to manage and share their digital credentials. This builds their learner agency and employability.

Skills and progress visibility 24/7 – By integrating with a learning management system (LMS), teachers can mark once in the LMS and the scores are populated in the dashboard automatically, saving teacher reporting time. This view of the learner is dynamic and available to learners, parents, teachers and administrators 24/7.

Cohort comparison – A learner’s current achievements can be seen at a glance – across a curriculum, cross curriculum or co-curricular – as well as where they sit in relation to the cohort.

Progression towards mastery – The Learner Dashboard shows progression towards a skill in any kind of learning model. We do this through the use of our Provisional Evidence Record.

Learner Dashboard - Curriculum-level page
Learner Dashboard - Curriculum Overview


Visibility of a learner’s current position and the steps that remain to achieve mastery provides an element of gamification to the learning journey. Learners are motivated to get to the next step and achieve a new mastery level, which will dynamically update the Provisional Evidence Record accordingly.

The cohort comparison spider graphs also use gamification, as learners are keen to compare well against their peers, further motivating learners to achieve their best.

Example use case

See how the Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) has used the Learner Dashboard to support their mastery learning and give their learning community unparalleled insight into learning progression in Curriculum (syllabus outcomes), Cross Curriculum (soft skills such as collaboration and critical thinking), Co-curriculum, and Commitment to School Values.


“The HSPA Learner Dashboard fosters a gamified, growth mindset for learning. It provides students with authentic digital badges that they can keep and use throughout their lives, and gives parents comprehensive, real-time updates on learning progression at a glance.”

Explore Credentialate features

Personal Evidence

Visibility and recognition of skills

Provisional Evidence

Recognise progression of learning

Templates Library

Maintain consistency and scale faster

Create, Store & Share Evidence

Award badges and embed evidence

Learner Dashboard

24/7 visibility of learner progress

Learner Passport

Next generation learning credentials

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Digital Badges

Digital badges recognise skills or workplace achievement and are flexible and easily shared. Manage complex awarding criteria


Make learners' skills visible and show proof of what they can do through quantitative and qualitative data and artefacts of learning

Skills Data

Create order from data chaos. Unleash skills data from disparate systems. Surface insights for the institution, learner and employers


Enable comptency-based education (CBE), mastery-based and other types of learning models. Recognise progression of learning

Learner Dashboard

Dynamic 24/7 display of provisional and earned badges, cohort comparison and feedback accessible by the learning community

Learner Passport

Provide a holistic portrait of a learner that supports employability in their current learning journey and throughout their lifelong learning
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