Learner Dashboard

Enable dynamic, 24/7 visibility of learner progress through the Learner Dashboard to all stakeholders in the learner community. Recognise progression of learning

24/7 transparency of learner achievement

Credentialate enables dynamic, 24/7 visibility of learner progress through the Learner Dashboard to all stakeholders in the learner community – learners, parents, teachers and school administrators.

Curriculum, cross-curriculum and co-curricular badges and provisional badges are displayed, providing an in-depth view of where the learner sits at any given moment. Learners can show proof of their learning, connected to workplace skills.

Teacher marking grades with Learner Dashboard on computer screen

Save teacher reporting time

Credentialate can be integrated with a learning management systems (LMS) so that teachers mark once in the LMS and results are automatically shared in the Learner Dashboard, creating a dynamic portrait of where the learner is now.

Teachers can provide detailed and personalised feedback and intervene with timely guidance on what learners can do to improve before the final mark is given.


The cohort comparison spider-graph shows the most up-to-date achievements of the learner and their cohort. The overlaid lines clearly show where the learner sits in comparison with their peers. This leverages gamification to motivate learners.

Gamification also comes into play as learners see their progression through the provisional badges. They are motivated to earn the next achievement level as they progress from one badge to the next. Progress is reflected as soon as it is achieved, not at the end of the teaching period.

Learner Dashboard - learner viewing learner dashboard on screen with spider graph cohort comparison and provisional badges

Credential as you go

Progress towards mastery is digitally represented in Provisional Evidence Records that show where the learner’s current achievements is now.

Learners, parents and teachers can not only see where the learner is in the learning journey, but learners can sharemake use of provisional badges that recognise their most up-to-date achievements.

Portability and shareability of credentials

The Learner Dashboard includes access to a digital backpack where learners can store and manage awarded digital credentials.

Digital credentials and provisional badges can be organised into collections or shared individually to prospective employers and others.

Learners retain access to the digital credential backpack, even after they finish school and can continue to add to it as they engage in lifelong learning.

Build learner confidence and learner agency

Being able to identify and track their skills and achievements, and have control and management over proof of their achievements builds their confidence and provides them with learner agency.

Learners can see what skills they have, are able to speak about them in a workplace context and can plan or make decisions about their future with greater confidence. Credentialate has been proven to increase learner confidence in expressing their skills in 76% of learners, in an international efficacy study. When required, they can show proof of their skills and use their achievements to build a life of their choosing.

Example use case

See how the Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) has used the Learner Dashboard to support their mastery learning and give their learning community unparalleled insight into learning progression in Curriculum (syllabus outcomes), Cross Curriculum (soft skills such as collaboration and critical thinking), Co-curriculum, and Commitment to School Values.


“The HSPA Learner Dashboard fosters a gamified, growth mindset for learning. It provides students with authentic digital badges that they can keep and use throughout their lives, and gives parents comprehensive, real-time updates on learning progression at a glance.”

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Provisional Evidence

Recognise progression of learning

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Learner Dashboard

24/7 visibility of learner progress

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Digital Badges

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Make learners' skills visible and show proof of what they can do through quantitative and qualitative data and artefacts of learning

Skills Data

Create order from data chaos. Unleash skills data from disparate systems. Surface insights for the institution, learner and employers


Enable comptency-based education (CBE), mastery-based and other types of learning models. Recognise progression of learning

Learner Dashboard

Dynamic 24/7 display of provisional and earned badges, cohort comparison and feedback accessible by the learning community

Learner Passport

Provide a holistic portrait of a learner that supports employability in their current learning journey and throughout their lifelong learning
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