Micro-Credential Maturity Model

A guided tool to help you assess where you are
now and want to go - and how to make it happen

Explore, assess and plan ahead for successful micro-credential deployments - whether just starting out or in deep already

Technology provides a strong underpinning to micro-credentials, but ultimately should serve to enable the broader micro-credential offering, rather than as a core focus. Indeed, simply issuing micro-credentials is not enough.

Use the Micro-credential Map as a tool to assess current organisational offerings and explore organisational aspirations relating to micro-credentials, and potential steps along the way. Refering back to it periodically to review progress and re-assess goals will keep you aligned and on track.

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The guide and model are provided in PDF format so that you can more easily share its insights with your teams and track progress towards your micro-credential goals over time:

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We appear to have arrived at the 'perfect storm" with the catalyst of COVID-19. Government focus, industry requirements and more importantly, learner appetite, means that micro-credentials have the potential to flourish and provide real currency for lifelong learning


Dan McFadyen
Managing Director, Edalex


Micro-credentials are moving fast

Micro-credentials have grown in recognition and use in recent years - and set to become even more so as educators and learners adjust to a post-COVID world. We can help you navigate through with tools and resources like these:
  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars - Coming soon!
  • Informative guides
  • Diagnostic tools