Centralise your learner data and convert it into a structured, machine readable format. Capture and collect evidence of the skills present in your curriculum and align to frameworks. Simplify data complexity to make the path clearer and data mobility seamless.

From data chaos... to order




Grades Uses to work out when a credential is awarded Competencies that can be credentialed
Tests / assessments / artefacts / grade book items Uses to work out when a credential is awarded Competencies that can be credentialed
Skills and learning outcomes in the curriculum Adds to Skills and Competency Library as reusable competencies Competencies
Credentials (aka micro certifications) in the curriculum Surfaces the already existing, but buried, skills data Award badge and learner evidence record
Reports Highlights the areas the curriculum serves and DOES NOT serve Reports that surface information on skills and competency areas
Frameworks - industry / educational / vocational Organises and stores framework information the institution implicitly complies to, that isn’t referenced anywhere Framework Library and alignment shown in learner evidence record and institutional reports
Curriculum data Skills become the translation piece to enhance the learner's achievements in job markets Skills data


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From complexity... to simplicity




Non-standardised data Central repository defining skills architecture for organisation with templates and benchmarking Standardised and institution-validated data
Haphazard creation of skills and credentials Implements internal review policies
and review process when referencing
rich skill descriptors (RSD) in openRSD libraries
Well-defined, standardised and peer reviewed competencies and credentials
Scattered and siloed skills information Frameworks and standards for skills identification and storage in one centralised location A skills warehouse to store and define all of an institution’s skills, that everyone can refer to
Indifference or apathy towards skills definition Wider adoption levels Tangible means to create and publish skills information
Stand-alone systems Integrates directly with LMS and other systems LMS integrated system with single sign on (SSO)


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