Personal Evidence Records from Credentialate

Credentialate is the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform and currently the only platform that systematically provides personal qualitative and quantitative evidence of learner-level achievement.

This level of granular evidence equips the learner to identify, articulate and speak to their unique strengths - especially learners outside of the top 2%.

The Credentialate Personal Evidence Record can be created for learners who meet a set criteria through automation, reducing the cost of human resources and enabling you to scale fast

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Key elements of Credentialate's personal evidence record


Why personal evidence matters

  • Mastery approach - by aligning the curriculum to skills and competencies, learners can fill the gaps in their learning and build towards mastery of a particular skill or competency
  • Career-aligned evidence record - with personalised evidence, learners can speak confidently to their skills and competencies and easily share proof of same
  • Strengthen recruitment strategy - as employability is a key consideration for prospective students, providing proof that graduates are job-ready as soon as they graduate creates more competitive course offerings
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The impact of personal evidence


Empowered graduates

  • Clearly speak about and communicate their achievements
  • Competitively differentiate themselves by highlighting their unique strengths
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Informed employers

  • Assess candidates beyond their marks, see a more complete picture
  • Immediately validate achievements - see qualitative and quantitative evidence within the digital badge
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Educators armed with evidence

  • Gain visibility and control over skills attainment which supports evidence-based decision-making and provides actionable insights into the curriculum planning and management lifecycles
  • Identify potential gaps in skill coverage, supporting the accreditation process

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