Credentialate is the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform. 

A Credential Evidence Platform provides learners with personalised evidence, extracted from your existing assessment systems, linked from within the digital badge and automated for delivery at scale

Platform values

Mobility - Credentialate Platform Values


Increase the portability and transportability of learner data. Learners can move frictionlessly between education systems and providers

Equity - Credentialate Platform Values


Skills act as a tide that lifts all boats and helps to close equity gaps. With Credentialate, verifiable skills data is accessible and transparent to educators, learners and employers

Visibility - Credentialate Platform Values


Learners gain visibility, tracking and control of their digital credentials, providing more meaningful return on their education investment

Innovation and Collaboration - Our Values - icon 400x300


Built to open standards, Credentialate maps existing data to skills outcomes, creating structured data from data chaos, resulting in an aligned Skills Recognition Infrastructure

Where we fit

Credentialate is the Skills Core - the connective tissue - that binds together the segments of the evolving skills and credentials ecosystem. It sits at the center of the ecosystem, aligning the skills in your curriculum to frameworks. It enables rich evidence that supports mobility and learner agency. Automation shortcuts the journey and allows you to scale fast.

Where Credentialate Fits in the Evolving Skills Ecosystem

Determining platform quality

Eights Elements of Quality Framework-1000x1956

The Competency-based Education (CBE) Network included the following list to help education providers determine the quality of CBE programs, which is translatable to determining the quality of a Credential Evidence Platform.

Credentialate helps institutions achieve many of these requirements, in particular:

  • Clear, measurable, meaningful and integrated competencies - Credentialate provides a fully integrated Skills Recognition Infrastructure that connects content, assessment and learning outcomes data to industry-defined skills, competencies and alignment to frameworks and employability outcomes
  • Coherent program and curriculum design - visibility and control over skills attainment supports evidence-based decision-making and provides actionable insights into the curriculum planning and management lifecycles
  • Credential-level assessment strategy with robust implementation - built to open standards, Credentialate systematically provides personalised qualitative and quantitative evidence of learner-level achievement, leveraging automation and machine learning
  • Transparency of student learning - personalised evidence allows a Mastery approach to learning, helping learners move incrementally towards full-award credentials. They can signal their competencies to employers sooner, speak confidently to their skills and easily share proof of same not only at the end of the journey, but throughout
  • Evidence-driven continuous improvement - with full visibility of skills attainment, Credentialate provides the ability to identify current and potential gaps in skill coverage, supporting the accreditation process and driving evidence-backed continuous improvement
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