What's included



1:1 workshop to explore your unique situation and collaborate on development of a seamless implementation plan Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Standard platform support (What this means)
Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Extract student performance data from most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle or Brightspace Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Unlimited users (Students issued a digital badge)
Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Rubric and gradebook (Evidence Matrix) harvesting Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 10 competencies / skills included
Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Automatic analysis of competency / mastery Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 1 day of included consulting, configuration and administrator training
Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Generate personalised learner evidence page Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 3 Month (One-time only) duration
Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Integrate with standards-based Badge providers Green-Checkmark-1000x1000 Proof of Concept report


The Proof of Concept process

Credentialate Proof of Concept Process

Proof of Concept Order Form