Skills and Competency Library

Skills and competencies represent the specific learned abilities and the associated knowledge and behaviours that education providers can recognise via a credential.

The Skills and Competency Library in Credentialate provides the functionality to create, store, accumulate, use and reuse competency data for inclusion in digital credentials across an institution. Competencies can be selected from the library to use as digital badge templates, streamlining the setup process.

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Credentialate Skills and Competency Library - Skills-First Evidence Alignment

Here’s an example of what this looks like in Credentialate:

  1. Create a Competency - the skills and competencies the institution wants to recognise
  2. Build an Evidence Matrix - connect to assessment and evidence (see Evidence Matrix section below)
  3. Create Badge and Awarding rules - assign badges and set associated issuing rules
  4. Save as a Template - which can then be quickly and seamlessly used in digital credentials the institution awards
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