Skills Data

We are committed to providing skills data visibility to all stakeholders in the ecosystem to promote learner agency, confidence, portability and mobility

Unlock skills data from system silos

Skills data is often locked away in disparate systems. Credentialate extracts and structures key learner assessment data to surface insights for the institution, learner and employers. It creates order from data chaos.

Using Credentialate, you can capture and collect evidence of the skills present in your curriculum and align them to frameworks. Simplifying data complexity makes data mobility seamless, aiding in learner transitions.

Unlock Skills Data From System Silos

Standards-based interoperability

Standards are central to our platform values. We believe that to enable scale and sustainability in a new learn to earn ecosystem, there has to be an intentional standards-based, open and linked data architecture as part of the design process.

System agnostic and highly interoperable, Credentialate enables the creation of a comprehensive skills recognition infrastructure that makes skills transparent and usable in new ways.

Bridge the data gap

Employers are desperate for employees with the right skills. We see the skills and talent crisis as a shared global challenge with a shared connected ecosystem as a solution.

To move people through the talent marketplace, the data has to be able to move with them – in a machine readable format.

Credentialate makes possible skills data crosswalks – bridges between data silos and connections between skills taxonomies and competency frameworks.

Common skills language

Skills are the building blocks, the translation piece and the common language at the intersection of learners, learning institutions and employers.

Credentialate references the world’s largest open library of rich skill descriptors (RSDs), openRSD, enabling you to create a common skills language that can be understood by all.

Explore Credentialate features

Personal Evidence

Visibility and recognition of skills

Provisional Evidence

Recognise progression of learning

Templates Library

Maintain consistency and scale faster

Create, Store & Share Evidence

Award badges and embed evidence

Learner Dashboard

24/7 visibility of learner progress

Learner Passport

Next generation learning credentials

Browse Credentialate solutions

Digital Badges

Digital badges recognise skills or workplace achievement and are flexible and easily shared. Manage complex awarding criteria


Make learners' skills visible and show proof of what they can do through quantitative and qualitative data and artefacts of learning

Skills Data

Create order from data chaos. Unleash skills data from disparate systems. Surface insights for the institution, learner and employers


Enable comptency-based education (CBE), mastery-based and other types of learning models. Recognise progression of learning

Learner Dashboard

Dynamic 24/7 display of provisional and earned badges, cohort comparison and feedback accessible by the learning community

Learner Passport

Provide a holistic portrait of a learner that supports employability in their current learning journey and throughout their lifelong learning
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