Skills-first evidence alignment - now available through Credentialate

Digital credentials recognise achievement of skills or competencies, evidenced through assessment and awarded as an outcome of learning.

Traditionally, digital credentials are created by linking to the course’s learning outcomes. With Credentialate, the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform, educators could also include a personalised evidence page with qualitative and quantitative detail of achievement.

Now, Credentialate has developed Skills-First Evidence Alignment, in recognition and support of the burgeoning skills economy, as a way for educator to apply backwards-design to micro-credential development.

Credentialate Skills-First Evidence Alignment

What skills-first evidence alignment looks like

  1. Start with the skills and competencies employers want
  2. Align to recognised frameworks, skills and labour market data - Coming October 2021
  3. Map skills and competencies to learning outcomes
  4. Connect to achievement level through assessment and evidence capture
  5. Issue a digital badge with a personalised evidence record including qualitative and quantitative detail

Revolutionary new functionality

We're excited to introduce our revolutionary new suite supporting Skills-First Evidence Alignment, available globally for the first time through the Credentialate platform. 

Credentialate Skills and Competency Library
Skills and Competency Library
Credentialate Evidence Matrix Builder
Evidence Matrix Builder
Framework Alignment
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