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Discover skills resources that cover frequently asked questions, glossary of terms, skills recognistion and the ecosystem and digital credentialing and badging 

Skills basics

Skills are the building blocks, the translation piece and the common language at the intersection of learners, learning institutions and employers.

The Skills Ecosystem is a dynamic and constantly evolving landscape. Credentialate sits at the centre of this ecosystem, and acts as the Skills Core, the connective tissue that integrates with each segment so that you can work within the entire ecosystem.

Credentialate makes skills visible, allowing connection from your curriculum to recognition of learning. To understand the Skills Ecosystem properly, you need to understand how skills relate to the core and secondary segments of the market. Below you’ll find a range of information and resources to help put skills and the Skills Ecosystem into context.

Get Across the Skills Basics

Skills recognition

Credentialate makes learners’ skills visible as they walk the learn-to-earn journey. With skills recognition, all stakeholders benefit – learners can identify and prove what they know even before they finish learning, educators can identify areas of the curriculum that do or do not serve skills, and employers can see what a learner can bring to a role and how it aligns with industry needs.

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Rich skill descriptors (RSD)

An RSD is a powerful little metadata package that structures skills data and adds context around a particular skill.

  • It provides a common definition of a skill and gives the context behind the skill, allowing interoperability in credentials
  • RSD metadata contains things such as skill statements, skill keywords, standards or certification alignments, intelligent labour market data and occupational data
  • Importantly, the metadata contained in an RSD is both human and machine readable, enabling its use by both people and platforms
Useful Skills Resources

Edalex resource section

Explore our extensive resources that cover everything you need to know about the skills economy, digital credentialing, digital badges, and the latest trends in the world of skills. Our resources come in various formats, so you can easily find what suits you best:

Explore Credentialate features

Personal Evidence

Visibility and recognition of skills

Provisional Evidence

Recognise progression of learning

Templates Library

Maintain consistency and scale faster

Create, Store & Share Evidence

Award badges and embed evidence

Learner Dashboard

24/7 visibility of learner progress

Learner Passport

Next generation learning credentials

Browse Credentialate solutions

Digital Badges

Digital badges recognise skills or workplace achievement and are flexible and easily shared. Manage complex awarding criteria


Make learners' skills visible and show proof of what they can do through quantitative and qualitative data and artefacts of learning

Skills Data

Create order from data chaos. Unleash skills data from disparate systems. Surface insights for the institution, learner and employers


Enable comptency-based education (CBE), mastery-based and other types of learning models. Recognise progression of learning

Learner Dashboard

Dynamic 24/7 display of provisional and earned badges, cohort comparison and feedback accessible by the learning community

Learner Passport

Provide a holistic portrait of a learner that supports employability in their current learning journey and throughout their lifelong learning
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