Credentialate's development is rooted in standards, making us highly interoperable. We've developed technical partnerships that enable us to integrate deeply and our Credentialate Public API allows us to integrate with almost any system. Built on a modern cloud infrastructure, data security and privacy is key. Additionally, we're currently in the process of applying for ISO 27001 certification - a rigorous international certification that demonstrates our commitment to maintaining and protecting information security.

Systems integration

Learning management system (LMS) integration

  • Current integrationsCredentialate integrates directly with learning management systems (LMS) to draw learner and achievement data for analysis and recognition. Current LMS integrations include:
    • Blackboard
    • Brightspace
    • Canvas
    • Moodle
  • Future integrationsContact Us to discuss options around development of additional integration modules for other sources through Credentialate consulting services.
  • Other - Integrations can be developed for any source of score and learner data using the Credentialate Public API.

Badge agent integration

  • Current integrations - Credentialate integrates with the badge providers:
    • Badgr
    • Credly Acclaim
  • Future integrations - We are currently working closely with Learning Vault to further extend our badge issuing integration offerings. We will continue to add support for industry leaders in badge issuing.
Credentialate in the EdTech Ecosystem

Skills frameworks

  • Skills frameworks can be imported and used in Credentialate via our Frameworks Alignment.
  • We're working closely with openRSD to build automated system integration with any skill frameworks supported by the platform.
  • We're working in partnership with Education Design Lab (the Lab), to focus on synergies between the Lab’s 21st Century Skills Micro-credentials, Edalex’s Credentialate platform, and expertise from both organisations in mapping and surfacing personalised skills evidence from the curriculum. Learn more

Credentialate Public API

The Credentialate RESTful API provides a mechanism to develop system integrations with Credentialate outside of the four LMS integrations available (Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas and Moodle). This allows institutions to push enrolments and scores to a pre-configured credential within Credentialate for analysis and creation of badge records.

Credentialate Public API
Data Security and Privacy in Credentialate

Data security and privacy

Credentialate is built on a modern cloud infrastructure designed to ensure the safety of your data, and we’ve chosen proven third-party cloud providers. Ensuring the safety and privacy of your data is fundamental to our mission, and underlies one of our core values - Build Trust

ISO 27001 Certification - watch this space

ISO 27001 certification is a rigorous international certification that demonstrates our commitment to maintaining and protecting information security. 

To achieve the ISO 27001 certification, organisations must demonstrate a systematic and documented approach to protecting and managing sensitive company and customer information including intellectual property, employee and customer data, financial information and information entrusted to it by third parties.

ISO 27001 Certification - In Progress

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