What is Credentialate?

Meet the world's first Credential Evidence Platform that helps you discover and share evidence of workplace skills

Supercharge your skills and credentials

Skills should be front and centre for learners and educators - not hidden behind a course name and credit hours. Personal evidence helps learners move toward full-award credentials and signal their job readiness to employers sooner

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Get Across the Skills Basics

Get across the skills basics

Skills are the building blocks, the translation piece and the common language at the intersection of learners, learning institutions and employers. How can you put skills and the Skills Ecosystem into context?

Address key skills recognition challenges

Credentialate Supports Visibility for Lifelong-Learning
Credentialate Supports Mobility for Lifelong-Learning
Credentialate Supports Scalability for Lifelong-Learning


  • Do you and your learners have visibility of the skills in your curriculum?
  • Can your learners showcase their individual skills in a way that helps them find work?
  • Can your learners see their learning journey in full, so they can make better lifelong learning choices?


  • Does your learner data move seamlessly between disparate systems?
  • Can your learners use their credentials to move between industries or countries?
  • Do you support equity by enabling the economic mobility of your learners?


  • Are you able to test your skills recognition programs and then scale up fast?
  • Is your skills technology interoperable and aligned to meaningful global standards?
  • Can your learners build their skills using a mastery approach and use stackable credentials?
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Focus your activities with the Skills Recognition Continuum

We can help you understand the steps along the skills recognition continuum so that you can set-up a feature-rich program - and scale-up fast

Focus Your Activities With the Skills Recognition Continuum
How Credentialate Creates Order from Data Chaos

We create order from data chaos and simplify the complex

We centralise, collate, catagorise and visualise your data, so that you can make evidence-based decisions and deliver evidence-rich digital badges

Credentialate puts learners at the centre

Our platform values guide our development decisions and keep us focussed on what really matters to learners and to you

Credentialate Platform Values
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Get Across the Skills Basics
The Importance of Skills Recognition