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Discover Credentialate

Meet the world's first Credential Evidence Platform that helps you discover and share evidence of workplace skills.

Overview of Credentialate

Watch an overview of Credentialate and the platform's features and concepts with Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex.


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only 33% of learners feel confident identifying or speaking to their skills when applying for jobs (2021 Employability Outcomes Survey, Edalex, 2021)

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of learners are more confident speaking about their skills after receiving a Personal Evidence Record (Digital Micro-Credential Efficacy and Impact on Learner Confidence, Edalex, 2023)

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badges available to be earned globally - a 172% increase over the last 4 years (Badge Count 2022, Credential Engine, 2023)


Skills Recognition Continuum

Focus your activities with the Skills Recognition Continuum

Understand the steps along the skills recognition continuum so that you can set-up a feature-rich program - and scale-up fast

Credentialate Homepage_Data Chaos SimplifyingCreate order from data chaos and simplify the complex

We centralise, collate, catagorise and visualise your data, so that you can make evidence-based decisions and deliver evidence-rich digital badges

Credentialate Homepage_Learner CentricCredentialate puts learners at the centre

Our platform values guide our development decisions and keep us focussed on what really matters to learners and to you

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