Why Data Silos Need Bridges - Closing the Content Access Gap

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openEQUELLA Whitepaper - Bridging Content Gap Between Silos

In the education world, data silos occur for a variety of reasons. But data silos can cause serious issues, including duplication, inconsistent messaging, wasting resources and creating a poor user experience.

While it’s almost impossible to break data silos completely, a better approach is to build bridges between them.

In this openEQUELLA Whitepaper, we review the reasons data silos exist, assess the challenges institutions face and assess better approaches to bridging the data gap.

With openEQUELLA you can

openEQUELLA Feature - Catalogue and Search

Catalogue, search and find easier

Organise your content in the way that best aligns with your institution’s internal processes and tag for easy discoverability. Use the powerful internal search engine to search, sort and filter to find your content fast

openEQUELLA Feature - Liberate Content

Liberate your content from data silos

Content is usually locked away in silos across the institution. Help your staff create, develop and improve their work quickly and easily using resources already created by their colleagues

openEQUELLA Feature - Manage and Control

Manage and control access & permissions

From the Administration Console, control and manage metadata, permissions, and overall access control

openEQUELLA Feature - Maintain Quality

Maintain quality and update content quickly

Streamline data handling and maintain quality standards. Update one Master asset and push the update out to all other instances where the asset is used


“openEquella has enabled TAFE Queensland to manage its vast catalogue of learning and assessment resources, aiding continuous improvement and ensuring that our teachers have ready access to high quality and compliant learning and assessment resources. As continuing changes in the workplace, adoption of new occupational technologies and the COVID-19 global pandemic have driven the need for learners to retrain or build new skills in emerging areas, openEQUELLA has been able to seamlessly support peer and industry collaborations that will see TQ remain a leader in the sector well into the future.”

– Lee Webster, Director Learning Technology Innovation and Services at TAFE Queensland

“For all the vendors we deal with, I can tell you that Edalex has been one of the best – for their customer service, ease of direct access and collegiate collaboration. You just don’t get that elsewhere. Managers and their support staff are equally accessible, friendly and you can reach out direct and get an answer quickly and easily. We know that software can always be improved upon over time, but we can only have those in-depth, critical conversations that you really need to have with a vendor, thanks to the relationships we have with the Edalex team. They feel far more like a colleague than a vendor.”

– Mahbub Hassan, Senior Technology Specialist at Macquarie University

Mahbub Hassan Macquarie University

“At Swinburne Commons, we often feel that we’re not doing what everyone else is, so the flexibility that openEQUELLA provides us means that we can achieve our vision precisely, rather than have to fit in with pre-configured settings or templates. Having worked with the Edalex team from the start, we’ve enjoyed a level of support and access that’s uncommon these days. Rather than getting lost in a nameless system, Edalex are responsive in support and inclusive in development discussions. We’d recommend openEQUELLA’s highly configurable design to any institution with a clear vision, looking for a customisable digital repository solution to help them achieve it.”

– Anton Proppe, Manager, Library Discovery at Swinburne University of Technology

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