CBExchange 2023 – Scaling Digital Competency Recognition: Progression Towards Mastery via Personal Evidence Records

4 October 2023

2:40 PM – 3:10 PM ET

(5 October 2023 5:40 PM – 6:10 AM AEDT)

Duration – 30 Minutes

In-Person – Omni Amelia Island Resort, FL



Skills and competencies progress over time. We know that digital recognition of competencies can aid in making an individual’s competencies visible to the ecosystem, but how do we digitally recognise progression without baking hundreds of badges and then diluting the perceived value? 

Progression is often seen as a curriculum roadmap to support instructional planning. By using personal evidence records, aligned to skills, competencies, and frameworks (e.g. State and National Standards), we can get a just-in-time snapshot of a learner’s proficiency level via a dashboard or learner profile. Once mastery is reached (or the level of proficiency achieved) we can then ”bake” the digital badges for portability, or push the personal evidence records straight to a CLR/LER if required. Using open data standards for interoperability and scale, we can ensure the visibility of an individual’s achievements across the learn-to-earn ecosystem.

This solution has been implemented at K-12 and Higher Education in Australia, and works across all education sectors. By mapping skill and competency data at a granular level, this solution can also support flexible instruction models including credential as you go initiatives.

CBExchange 2023 - Edalex Session Progression Towards Mastery with PER - Dan McFadyen


About the Presenter:

Dan McFadyen
Managing Director, Edalex

For the past 20+ years, Dan has focused on enabling innovation in education powered by educational technology and long-term partnerships with educational institutions. This passion fuelled varied roles from a start-up developing the CODiE award-winning EQUELLA software to global educational powerhouses Blackboard and Pearson. Since 2016 Dan has served as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Edalex, tackling skills- and employability-related challenges by supporting the definition, development, and recognition of skills through education. On a personal level, as a dual American-Australian citizen, he struggles daily with the conflict between raising his two children on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or vegemite.

Edalex Managing Director - Dan McFadyen

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