CBExchange Asia Pacific 2024 – General Session on Digital Wallets

29 February 2024

4:15 – 5:00 PM MYT

Duration – 45 Minutes

In-Person – Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore


Join Amber G. Duncan, Sharon Leu, and Dan McFadyen for a session where they delve into digital wallets solutions to transform skills-based talent marketplaces.

A skills-based talent marketplace makes pathways to good careers more accessible, allowing employers to efficiently identify talent that meets their workforce needs, and giving learners and jobseekers more opportunities than were previously available. 

In this session, discover innovative solutions, collaborative initiatives, and industry perspectives on leveraging digital credentials for education and employment. One featured solution from the U.S., digital wallets, operates much like traditional wallets that hold currency that people can exchange for goods and services. Verifiable credentials wallets allow people to hold and exchange their skills currency in the new talent marketplace. Also, hear how personal evidence records are used in Australia to ensure visibility of an individual’s achievement across the learn-to-earn ecosystem. What’s in your wallet?


About the Presenter:

Amber Garrison Duncan
Executive Vice President, Competency-Based Education Network

Amber has led work in competency-based education, learning frameworks, assessment, credential recognition, digital learner records, and open data standards, as well as quality assurance. Before her role at C-BEN, Amber spent 8 years as a grant maker at Lumina Foundation and prior to that served as Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Research at the University of Oregon, and various student affairs roles at Florida State University, University of Michigan, Hope College and Texas A&M University.

Amber Garrison Duncan - Executive Vice President CBEN

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Sharon Leu
Executive in Residence, JFF Labs 

Sharon Leu is an Executive in Residence at JFFLabs at Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit in the US driving the design and scale of technology-enabled approaches to promoting economic advancement. She is focused on building infrastructure for a skills-based talent marketplace, supporting interoperability standards for digital credentials technology, and empowering individuals to use their data to access opportunity.

Prior to joining JFFLabs, Sharon led postsecondary education innovation at the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology and has managed the employment and training innovation portfolio at the US Department of Labor’s Division of Strategic Investments. Sharon hopes to be a park ranger when she grows up.

Sharon Leu - Executive in Residence JFF Labs

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Dan McFadyen
Managing Director, Edalex

For the past 20+ years, Dan has focused on enabling innovation in education powered by educational technology and long-term partnerships with educational institutions. This passion fuelled varied roles from a start-up developing the CODiE award-winning EQUELLA software to global educational powerhouses Blackboard and Pearson. Since 2016 Dan has served as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Edalex, tackling skills- and employability-related challenges by supporting the definition, development, and recognition of skills through education. On a personal level, as a dual American-Australian citizen, he struggles daily with the conflict between raising his two children on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or vegemite.

Edalex Managing Director - Dan McFadyen

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