WEBINAR RECORDING – Skills Wallet Solution Providing Students With Employment and Skills Progression Pathways

21 February 2024

Duration: 45 Minutes

On 21 Feb 2024, innovative EdTech leaders Edalex and Learning Vault presented a use case for bridging the learn-to-earn gap, featuring the award-winning Learner Dashboard solution co-developed for the Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA).

Watch Nicholas Robert Alderice, the CEO of Learning Vault, Margo Griffith, Principal Skills Consultant of Alex, and Darren Ponman, Principal of Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA), as they delve into the journey of the Learner Dashboard solution from ideation to implementation.

The main topics discussed are:

  • The macro landscape of the skills-based economy and the need for more granular and portable recognition of skills and knowledge across different stakeholders, such as schools, universities, employers, and government.
  • The challenges and solutions of implementing a mastery learning model using digital badges and learner dashboards, such as integrating with existing systems, capturing data across courses and co-curricular activities, representing skills development and proficiency levels, and enabling learner agency and control over their data.
  • The impacts and outcomes of the mastery learning model on students, parents, teachers, and the learning community, such as enhancing growth mindset, providing feedback and strategies for improvement, facilitating differentiation and personalisation, enabling meaningful conversations and collaboration, and increasing the currency and utility of skills and knowledge in the market.

About the Presenters:

Darren Ponman
Principal, Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA)

Darren is an innovative educator adept at designing and implementing next generation Digital Learning Systems. He co-designed the first Big Picture Education Campus in NSW, writing and resourcing the State-wide Critical Thinking syllabus, designing and implementing vast, technology-based infrastructure across multiple public schools. Currently, collaborating with Edalex and Learning Vault to design and implement a scalable, Mastery-based, digital credential system for use in K-12 schools.

Darren Ponman - HSPA

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Nicholas Robert Alderice
Founder, Learning Vault

Co-founder and CEO of Learning Vault, a prominent global provider of exceptional digital education content, digital credentials, and talent pool technologies. Nicholas is a staunch believer in lifelong learning and has therefore designed Learning Vault with this principle in mind. He’s passionate about the evolution of our workforce towards a skills-based economy, continuously finding ways to give people the opportunity to educate, upskill and trade their skills using digital credentials.

Nicholas Robert Alderice - Founder, Learning Vault

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Margo Griffith
Principal Skills Consultant, Edalex

Margo has extensive experience with digital learning platforms and digital recognition technologies. She has worked nationally and internationally and is passionate about the required reset of the learn-to-earn ecosystem. She is an executive on the International Council for Badges and Credentials (ICoBC) and represents Edalex as a member of the Open Skills Network and Skills Validation Network. Margo publishes widely via blogs and peer-reviewed articles.

Margo Griffith - Profile

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