Learning Impact 2024 Conference – We Are More Than Our Grades: A Digital Recognition Lens

3 – 6 June 2024

4 June, 10:30 AM – 11:10 AM MT

Duration: 40 Minutes

In-Person – Hyatt Regency, Salt Lake City

Edalex will join over 600 education and technology leaders to connect, collaborate, and get ahead of what’s next in digital teaching and learning strategies and solutions at 1EdTech’s Learning Impact Conference, taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, between June 3rd and 6th, 2024. The annual conference inspires a diverse group of educational providers and edtech suppliers to focus on the top issues in education and work together to advance teaching and learning technology that fits all needs.


What do we need from a technology infrastructure to power recognition of all learning in the K-12 space and remove grades as the only signal for opportunity? Alternative models of learning and assessment are not new concepts. Proficiency, competency, mastery and problem- based learning have all been around for a while. Why are they not mainstream, despite research showing that they are more equitable indicators of what a learner knows and can do? Well for one they are difficult to scale and be sustainable and the weight of systemic oppression is real.

In this session we will explore the bold vision of a new learning paradigm and the technology infrastructure that exists to enable the scale and sustainability of these models. Through the sharing of case studies across the US and Australia, the panel will invite participants to leverage interoperable data standards and imagine a digital recognition strategy to make all learning visible and portable for the learner and the wider learning community.

About the Presenters:

Richard Copeland
Supervisor of Teacher Quality, Georgia Department of Education, Virtual School 

Rich is responsible for the team that recruits, trains, mentors, observes/evaluates, and retains the instructional staff at Georgia Virtual School. He serves as part of the administrative team at Georgia Virtual Learning – a program of the Georgia Department of Education.. His specialties include Critical Thinking/Program Analysis, Leadership/Mentoring, Professional Development, Teacher Training, Teacher Evaluation, Blended Learning and Curriculum Development.

Richard Copeland - Supervisor of Teacher Quality, Georgia Department of Education, Virtual School

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Kathryn Green 
Director of Project Management, Unicon

Specialising in higher education, edtech evaluations, and competency-based education, Kathryn uses technology and user experience to enhance educational impacts. As a first-generation graduate, she values education for its transformative effects, enhanced by technological innovations.

Kathryn Green Director, Project Management 

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Margo Griffith
Principal Skills Consultant, Edalex

Margo’s in-depth knowledge and experience of skills, the skills ecosystem, and digital credentials is the result of working in and with higher education providers and edtech leaders, nationally and internationally for over 20 years. She is passionate about the positive impact of technology within education and the enablement of lifelong learning and mobility. Margo co-convenes a Cross Sector Community of practice around Microcredentials in Australia and sits on the Executive of the International Council of Badges and Credentials (ICoBC). She writes blog posts around challenges surrounding the learn-to-earn journey. Margo is currently exploring Systems Thinking concepts and their relation to the emerging skills ecosystem.

Margo Griffith - Profile

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