WEBINAR RECORDING: The Assessment Summit – Cultivating New Approaches to Assessment in Workplace L&D

6 October 2022

Duration – 30 Minutes

4:00 – 4:30pm AEDT

Assessment is something we don’t think or talk about enough in learning and development, but it’s one of the keys to transforming the impact of what we do in L&D. The Assessment Summit by Sprout Labs brings together some of the world’s most accomplished learning experts to share a smorgasbord of practical, actionable advice on assessment.

Organisations focusing on assessment:

  • transforms your learning design to focus on behaviour change instead of just knowledge recall
  • provides your employees with goals, guidance and feedback.
  • is the key to measuring the impact of learning in your organisations

How Organisations Can Use Micro-Credentials and Personal Evidence to Recognise Workplace Skills

During this session, Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex will discuss the rise of digital credentials in education and the workplace, and how organisations can recognise the skills and achievements of their employees through personal evidence records.

Attendance and the recordings will be free of charge.

About the Presenter

Dan McFadyen
Managing Director, Edalex

For the past 20+ years, Dan has focused on enabling innovation in education powered by educational technology and long-term partnerships with educational institutions. This passion fuelled varied roles from a start-up developing the CODiE award-winning EQUELLA software to global educational powerhouses Blackboard and Pearson.
Since 2016 Dan has served as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Edalex, tackling skills- and employability-related challenges by supporting the definition, development and recognition of skills through education. On a personal level, as a dual American-Australian citizen, he struggles daily with the conflict between raising his two children on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or vegemite.

LinkedIn Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/danmcfadyen/

Dan McFadyen - Managing Director at Edalex

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