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Learner and Graduate Outcomes: What Your Education Gets You Now

What do current learner and graduate outcomes look like? From a societal perspective, what are we getting for our education spending? And are these acceptable given the needs of the new global economy? In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we will look at what data we have from countries that collect and publish graduate outcome data - including Australia, the UK, the EU, and the United States - and explore how learner and graduate outcomes align with learner expectations and future workforce needs.

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21st-Century Skills - What They Are and Why They’re Important

We often hear the term, “21st-century skills.” However, it is not often clear exactly what that means and how it relates to things like employability, education, and hiring. As old jobs fall victim to automation and advancing technology, the need for transferrable skills and new knowledge and competencies has increased. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we examine the workplace needs of the global economy, 21st-century terms and definitions, what skills are important and how are they are taught and assessed.

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Micro-Credentials - What They Are and Why They're Valuable

Micro-credentials appear to be on everyone’s priority list - whether an educator, learner, employer or employee. But what are they precisely? Why have they suddenly become so popular and what makes them valuable? This information-rich Credentialate Guide answers all these questions and more and views the micro-credentialing boom from multiple stakeholder perspectives. 

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