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What Learners Need from Employability

All degrees are not created equal, and employers know that. They also know that just because a learner has completed a course of study does not mean they have both the soft and hard skills needed to perform the work in the position they are seeking. In other words, a degree does not equal employability in all cases. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide we explore what employability outcomes learners, educators and employers want.

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Learner and Graduate Outcomes - What Your Education Gets You Now

What do current learner and graduate outcomes look like? From a societal perspective, what are we getting for our education spending? And are these acceptable given the needs of the new global economy? In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we will look at what data we have from countries that collect and publish graduate outcome data - including Australia, the UK, the EU, and the United States - and explore how learner and graduate outcomes align with learner expectations and future workforce needs.

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Skills-Based Learning - When, Where, How and Why

Skills-based learning is not the learning formula for tomorrow. It’s the learning formula for today. most skills-based learning is taking place in more informal, lifelong learning environments that come either after, alongside, or in some cases in place of formal education. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we explore how education providers are addressing the increasing demand for skills development and verification.

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