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How Connecting Degrees to Careers Can Address the Decline in Degree Value

Four-year degrees have seen a marked drop in enrolment and completion rates in recent years. Learners are critically weighing the value of full degrees against typically shorter, less expensive skills-based learning, to quickly develop high-demand workplace skills. The investment in time and money - with no guarantee of work at the end - and the rise of skills-based hiring among employers are some of the key factors contributing to the decline in the perceived value of traditional degrees. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we ask - How much has the education landscape changed? What are the factors impacting enrolments? Where are learners going instead? And how can educators bolster the perceived value of degrees by connecting them more directly to work?

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Skills-Based Learning - When, Where, How and Why

Skills-based learning is not the learning formula for tomorrow. It’s the learning formula for today. most skills-based learning is taking place in more informal, lifelong learning environments that come either after, alongside, or in some cases in place of formal education. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we explore how education providers are addressing the increasing demand for skills development and verification.

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21st-Century Skills - What They Are and Why They’re Important

We often hear the term, “21st-century skills.” However, it is not often clear exactly what that means and how it relates to things like employability, education, and hiring. As old jobs fall victim to automation and advancing technology, the need for transferrable skills and new knowledge and competencies has increased. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we examine the workplace needs of the global economy, 21st-century terms and definitions, what skills are important and how are they are taught and assessed.

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Digital Badges - What They Are, How They Work and What They Mean

Digital badges can be powerful symbols of achievement, skill and employability. What are digital badges? How do they
differ from, say, an image of a badge? What value do they deliver and to whom? In this information-rich Credentialate Guide you’ll learn the history of digital badges, understand the technology that sits behind them and discover the benefits, challenges and opportunity digital badges present.

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Micro-Credentials - What They Are and Why They're Valuable

Micro-credentials appear to be on everyone’s priority list - whether an educator, learner, employer or employee. But what are they precisely? Why have they suddenly become so popular and what makes them valuable? This information-rich Credentialate Guide answers all these questions and more and views the micro-credentialing boom from multiple stakeholder perspectives. 

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