The Faculty Information System

A unified system, organised into distinct modules.

Interfolio operates the groundbreaking Faculty Information System, which addresses the full scope of academic staff activities at your institution.​

Today, the Interfolio Faculty Information System is divided among three modules that integrate with one another. Present in all of them is a distinctive set of tools for each individual academic to manage their work.

Interfolio Academic Search

Run complex, efficient academic searches in a shared governance context. Provide incoming candidates a professional introduction to the institution. Give committees a secure, organised digital space for review.

Interfolio Academic
Activity Reporting

Collect validated academic staff data sets for accreditation, compliance, and activity reporting. See the full picture of academic staff contributions at your institution.

Interfolio Review &

The only technology on the market dedicated to handling the complex workflows around academic appointment, review, and advancement. Provide academic staff a user-friendly, secure online means to submit their work during the most sensitive and important decisions of their career.

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