Edalex announce suite of services to help education institutions make the shift to skills

Edalex, the company powering organisations’ single source of truth for skills, credentials and learning data, is thrilled to announce a suite of services that will help education institutions and other organisations make the shift to skills. The new service offerings can help in championing the shift to skills internally, map and align skills in a curriculum, develop institution- or course-specific rich skill descriptors (RSDs) or develop and implement a complete skills framework. Key to the services now available, are both training and implementation options, so that institutions can develop their in-house resources and scale quickly.

“We’re so excited to bring this new suite of skills-based services to market, to help institutions make a start and provision their teams with the ability to start small, act fast and scale quickly,” said Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex. “Our services can work with either a platform agnostic approach, or in coordination with our skills-based platforms, Credentialate and openRSD,”

Margo Griffith, Principal Skills Consultant at Edalex notes: “In working closely with numerous clients over the last few years, we recognised that there is a gap in the market for those that recognise that skills are the way of the future, and the practical implementation of the steps required to participate in the skills-based economy. Our new services address this gap in practice, and will contribute significantly to accelerate participation in the skills ecosystem.”

Some of the new skills-based services on offer include:

  • Skills-first consultation and report – to increase your understanding of processes and tech enablement requirements and provide a skills strategy report that can be used to champion a skills-first approach, mapping out next steps
  • Skills mapping consultation – enable your team to understand how to surface skills from a curriculum, how to align those skills to assessments to measure achievement and how to align skills to frameworks and other industry recognised data
  • RSD training and development – as the developer of the world’s largest open RSD skills library, we understand that one of the biggest barriers to embracing RSDs is the creation of institution-relevant RSDs. Our team can work with you to help connect RSDs to your curriculum or learning outcomes or create RSDs to specification for you
  • Skills framework development and implementation – a complete build-out of a skills framework model – i.e. put skills into your environment – including framework development, the production of guides for learners, teachers and consumers and coordinating implementation in collaboration with your internal teams
  • Micro-credential strategy review, development and implementation – including services such as a review of your existing micro-credential program, developing a micro-credential program implementation plan and micro-credential program design and development

“This gives institutions and organisations maximum flexibility in deciding how they want to proceed and removes barriers to implementation. Our new suite of services answers: I know skills are important, but where and how do I start? and provides practical options for institutions and organisations to get underway now,” McFadyen continued.

“We’ve seen the services approach work effectively for our existing clients – for example with the leading university in Australia, the University of Melbourne, detailed recently in a use case. After working with Edalex, they were able to revise internal processes to align with their new skills-first strategy and practise much faster than if they had proceeded on their own. They’ve already rolled-out new industry-aligned professional development microcredentials, putting them a step ahead of many others in the market who are still at the start of their implementation journey. To remain competitive, speed to market is key, and that’s where we, and our new service offerings, come in.”

Learn more about Edalex and its platforms at https://www.edalex.com/

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