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Edalex, an EdTech company on a mission to surface learning outcomes, digital assets and the power of individual achievement, has announced new tiered licensing options for Credentialate, the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform. The licensing options include Basic and Enterprise packages and a Free Proof of Concept has been introduced, to better suit institutions at all stages of their micro-credentialing journey.

Credentialate was developed in close collaboration with leading research-based university design partner UNSW Sydney, in support of a multi-year, cross-faculty micro-credential community of practice and research project. Credentialate is the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform and integrates with existing LMS and assessment platforms - wherever learner data resides - to provide a personalised evidence page for the learner.

This evidence is full of rich and robust information on the learner’s personal achievement of skills and competencies. The institution also receives comprehensive achievement data, unlocked from the LMS, to visually analyse trends and insights across courses and indeed whole programs. Credentialate can also issue digital badges via integration with leading badge agents.

According to Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex: “With higher education undergoing transformation almost unilaterally, it’s key for future-focused institutions to adapt quickly to better meet student and industry needs, whilst remaining competitive. One of the clear messages we’ve received from the market is the challenge in securing a budget in the current COVID-19 climate.”

“To address that barrier to progress we introduced a Free Proof of Concept program. As an evidence-centric platform, there’s no better way for institutions to quickly see the benefits for their learners and the institution,” he continued. “A Proof of Concept can help get a micro-credentialing program up and running faster using automation and allows for the ability to deliver at scale, with confidence,” McFadyen concluded.

Institutions can sign up online for the Free Proof of Concept - after which the Edalex team will facilitate a 1:1 workshop with institutional stakeholders, and a tailored implementation plan will be developed. The 3-month trial includes an integration with the institution’s LMS and a badge agent. At the conclusion, Edalex will provide a Proof of Concept report, to assist the institution in defining the next steps in their micro-credentialing journey.

About Edalex

Edalex News - EdTech Startup News and TrendsLearning gets personal – Unleash the power of your skills data, digital assets and personal credentials

Edalex is an edTech company on a mission to surface learning outcomes, digital assets and the power of individual achievement. Founded in 2016, Edalex develops technology solutions that extract hidden value from educational data to make it accessible and more meaningful. Edalex brings together the team behind the CODiE award-winning openEQUELLA open source platform that centrally houses teaching and learning, research, media and library content.

In 2019, Edalex launched Credentialate, the world's first Credential Evidence Platform, that helps discover and share evidence of workplace skills. Credentialate provides a Skills Core that creates order from chaotic data, provides meaningful insight through framework alignment and equips learners with rich personal industry-aligned evidence of their skills and competencies.

openRSD was released by Edalex in 2022 to help create, store and share rich skill descriptors (RSDs) and RSD collections. openRSD uses Edalex’s open source technology stack to create locally- and globally-relevant libraries of RSDs that are open to all contributors and consumers. Tools in openRSD include localisation, approval workflow, version control and other important functionality.

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