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Leading Australian edtech company Edalex has partnered with Queensland’s largest and most experienced Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider, TAFE Queensland, and is offering people an exciting range of micro-credentials designed to deliver industry and skills-aligned training to fill skills gaps in the areas of new technologies, digital and enterprise skills.

To enable the implementation of these innovative micro-credentials, TAFE Queensland is using Edalex’s Credentialate platform to manage their micro-credential workflow at scale. Credentialate issues both a digital badge (via Badgr Pro) as well as a personalised evidence record for learners that showcases their individual skills and competencies.

TAFE Queensland’s structured and thoughtful approach to micro-credentials seeks to respond in real time to fill skills gaps and elevate the importance of transferable enterprise skills. The micro-credentials framework was informed by research from the Foundation for Young Australians and aligned to both the Australian Government Core Skills Framework and the recommendations from the Review of the Australian Qualifications Framework Final Report 2019.

“Our micro-credentials are developed with industry in mind to meet their specific needs, ensuring they will be recognised by current and future employers,” said TAFE Queensland Chief Academic Officer Jo Pyne. “The framework we have created is focused on building an agile and adaptable workforce for employers with flexible training options available for skill acquisition. Credentialate has enabled us to take an industry-centric approach, whilst also providing our learners with a key tool to enhance their employability,” she said.

With the ongoing rapid rates of change being experienced in many workplaces around the world, both due to the COVID-19 pandemic and general technological advances, these micro-credentials aim to not only provide employers with access to relevant and quick professional development tools to future-proof their workforces, but they will also benefit people who might be looking to progress their career or change careers entirely in order to future-proof themselves.

“As a long-term client of Edalex, TAFE Queensland has been the ideal partner to advance evidence-based digital credentials in the vocational sector,” said Dan McFadyen, Managing Director, Edalex. “TAFE Queensland’s micro-credential framework supports their vision to recognise personalised learner achievement of in-demand workplace skills, at scale using Credentialate.”

To learn more about TAFE Queensland’s micro-credential framework navigate to or to find out how your business could benefit from Edalex’s innovative Credentialate platform visit today.

About TAFE Queensland
TAFE Queensland is proud to be the largest and most experienced Vocational Education and Training provider in the state. For more than 139 years, TAFE Queensland has been delivering practical and industry-relevant training to provide students with the skills and experience they need to build lifelong careers.

Training is delivered to students and apprentices on site, online, in the workplace, or on campus to give people the skills they need to enrich their communities, support their industries, and strengthen their local economies. From entry-level certificates and apprenticeships to bachelor degrees, TAFE Queensland delivers hands-on, practical training across almost 500 qualifications at more than 60 campus locations throughout Queensland, from Thursday Island in the North, to Coolangatta in the South East, and as far west as Mount Isa.

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About Edalex

Edalex News - EdTech Startup News and TrendsLearning gets personal – Unleash the power of your skills data, digital assets and personal credentials

Edalex is an edTech company on a mission to surface learning outcomes, digital assets and the power of individual achievement. Founded in 2016, Edalex develops technology solutions that extract hidden value from educational data to make it accessible and more meaningful. Edalex brings together the team behind the CODiE award-winning openEQUELLA open source platform that centrally houses teaching and learning, research, media and library content.

In 2019, Edalex launched Credentialate, the world's first Credential Evidence Platform, that helps discover and share evidence of workplace skills. Credentialate provides a Skills Core that creates order from chaotic data, provides meaningful insight through framework alignment and equips learners with rich personal industry-aligned evidence of their skills and competencies.

openRSD was released by Edalex in 2022 to help create, store and share rich skill descriptors (RSDs) and RSD collections. openRSD uses Edalex’s open source technology stack to create locally- and globally-relevant libraries of RSDs that are open to all contributors and consumers. Tools in openRSD include localisation, approval workflow, version control and other important functionality.

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