Edalex rich skill descriptor (RSD) library, openRSD, integrated in new Muzzy Lane release of AI-driven SkillBuild platform

Edalex, the company powering your single source of truth for skills and learning data and Muzzy Lane, a company helping educational institutions and companies identify and deal with the skills gap in the workplace through the use of simulations, announce the integration of openRSD rich skill descriptor (RSD) libraries in Muzzy Lane’s release of their AI-driven SkillBuild platform.

“We launched openRSD in 2022 as a space to create, store and share rich skill descriptors (RSDs),” said Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex. “As openRSD uses Edalex’s open source technology stack for the creation of locally- and globally-relevant libraries of RSDs, education providers, organisations and EdTech developers like Muzzy Lane are able to reference more than 18,000 RSDs currently available to structure their skills data and make it transparent and interoperable with other systems used in the skills ecosystem,” he continued. 

“Muzzy Lane brings the power of simulations to bear on the challenge of developing, validating, and credentialing skills for all learners while enhancing education and employer benefits for the marketplace,” said David McCool, Founder and CEO of Muzzy Lane. Muzzy Lane has launched SkillBuild, a set of adaptive, active learning courses empowering learners to earn micro-credentials for soft skills such as Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Intercultural Fluency, and others. “Learners are guided through the courses by an AI-driven coach who helps optimise their path to success,” McCool continues.

Each SkillBuild course awards an industry-validated micro-credential, referencing Education Design Lab’s 21st Century Skills Micro-credentials, a rigorous set of nine micro-credentials that transform the way learners recognise, activate, and display in-demand skills. “The Lab is pleased to partner with Muzzy Lane and Edalex to further expand open access to the 21st century framework as a foundation for the global dialogue around high-demand skills for employers,” said Naomi Boyer, Executive Director, Digital Transformation at Education Design Lab. “This tri-partnership demonstrates the skills infrastructure, the elevation of skills taxonomies, and the cultivation of innovative skill learning and verification content.”  

“Despite being available for under a year, openRSD has already made an impact, as demonstrated by the integration with Muzzy Lane’s SkillBuild platform, and it was recently recognised as a finalist in the EdTech Digest’s 2023 Cool Tools Award in the Skills Solution (a.k.a. 21st-Century Skills) category,” said McFadyen. “We’re pleased to have the RSDs published in openRSD used in the new SkillBuild platform and encourage others to make use of the free access to RSDs when developing their skills infrastructure. Doing so enables greater learner agency – something we are all striving for.” 

Find out more about openRSD: edalex.com/openrsd 

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About Muzzy Lane

Muzzy Lane provides content and tools to support the transition to skills-based learning and training. SkillBuild’s line of soft skills courses allow learners to practice and validate their skills, providing an industry validated microcredential upon the successful completion of each course. Muzzy Lane’s Author suite of tools enables partners to develop their own skills-based simulations and courses. These can be integrated into existing courseware or delivered as standalone learning experiences. Partners can award their own microcredentials to their learners as well. The company has delivered more than 16 million simulations to millions of learners and would love to help with your skills challenges as well! 

Find out more at: muzzylane.com

About Education Design Lab

Education Design Lab (the Lab) is a nonprofit innovation engine that co-designs, validates, and scales education-to-workforce models through a human-centered design process focused on understanding learner experiences, addressing equity gaps in higher education, and accelerating economic mobility for new majority learners. 

Find out more at: eddesignlab.org

About Edalex

Powering your single source of truth for skills and learning data

Edalex News - EdTech Startup News and Trends

Edalex is an EdTech company powering your single source of truth for skills and learning data. Founded in 2016, Edalex develops technology solutions that extract hidden value from educational data to make it accessible and more meaningful. Edalex brings together the team behind the CODiE award-winning openEQUELLA open source platform that centrally houses teaching and learning, research, media and library content.

In 2019, Edalex launched Credentialate, the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform, that helps discover and share evidence of workplace skills. Credentialate creates order from chaotic data, provides meaningful insight through framework alignment and equips each learner with unique, rich, industry-aligned evidence of their skills and competencies. Credentialate has continued to evolve at an accelerated pace, informed in partnership with educators and industry leaders from around the world.

openRSD was released by Edalex in 2022 to help create, store and share rich skill descriptors (RSDs) and RSD collections. openRSD uses Edalex’s open source technology stack to create locally- and globally-relevant libraries of RSDs that are open to all contributors and consumers. RSDs are the building blocks of a skills-driven labour market. They structure skills data, add context around a particular skill and are both human and machine readable. RSDs bring equity to the learner and the skills ecosystem and provide an even playing field for skills recognition.

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