Edalex selected as a finalist in the ‘Competency-Based Innovation’ category of the 2024 Learning Impact Awards by 1EdTech

Edalex, the company powering organisations’ single source of truth for skills, credentials and learning data, were thrilled to place as a finalist in the ‘Competency-Based Innovation’ category of the 2024 Learning Impact Awards by 1EdTech. The Learning Impact Awards recognise the most innovative and influential uses of technology to support learning worldwide. The award focuses on the ‘Deployment of a Learner Dashboard for Mastery Learning’ leveraging the Credentialate platform. The Learner Dashboard was co-developed with partner and fellow EdTech company Learning Vault and with, and for, the Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA). Importantly, the Learner Dashboard utilises the 1EdTech LTI and Open Badges standards to ensure secure interoperability and a seamless user experience.

The Learning Impact Awards were created in 2007 to recognise outstanding applications of EdTech that address the most significant challenges facing the global education segment. Finalists are selected based on criteria to identify exemplary implementations of technology that demonstrate the greatest impact – or potential impact – on addressing the challenges facing the global learning segment, and possessing the greatest potential for generating a positive return on investment. Winners are selected by a panel of EdTech professionals representing 1EdTech institutional members and partners and the online community has been invited to participate in the selection process by voting for the project of their choice. 

“It’s amazing to have our Learner Dashboard solution recognised as a finalist in the Learning Impact Awards this year,” said Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex. “The Learner Dashboard was developed in close collaboration with our design partners and since its implementation in 2023, has tech-enabled HSPA’s comprehensive Mastery-based learning program. Learners, parents, the teaching team and administrators have a single, shared picture of a learner’s current status across their curriculum, cross-curriculum and co-curricular activities. The entire learning team has dynamic visibility of the learning journey, a learner’s day-to-day progress and where they sit in relation to their peers. It builds learner agency, with learners empowered to share evidence-backed digital credentials both during and after completing their studies.”

“The Learner Dashboard and Mastery Learning System developed by Edalex and Learning Vault has been nothing short of transformative for our learning community,” said Darren Ponman, Principal at HSPA. “We wanted a solution that would develop a growth mindset and help our students take ownership over their own learning. We wanted to bring parents into the learning journey more. We wanted to use our existing systems and practices and maintain data quality. And we wanted a solution that not only didn’t place an additional burden on teacher reporting time – but didn’t impact teachers’ time at all. I’m thrilled to say that not only have we absolutely achieved these goals, but through the co-design process realised significant professional development and curriculum refinement. Now we can clearly articulate the curriculum, disposition and co-curriculum values we’re trying to instil, and equitably measure, assess and track all learning – including those durable skills so valued by employers. Students are energised by a gamified learning journey and parents and teachers have a consistency in their communications which has lifted discussions all round.”

“With the ecosystem continuing to develop and grow, collaborations between education providers, technology developers and industry have never been more important,” McFadyen commented. “We’ve found that the solutions developed through partnership have the greatest impact – in effectiveness, innovation, speed to market and outcome. In our experience, together is the only way forward and we thank 1EdTech for recognising the ‘learning impact’ such collaborations create.”

Winners will be announced on 4 June 2024 at 1EdTech’s Learning Impact Conference being held in Salt Lake City. Online community voting is now open to the public until June 3 at 5:00 PM MDT (June 4 at 9:00 AM AEST) and readers can vote for the Learner Dashboard project HERE: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/7859993/lia2024vote

See the full list of 2024 Learning Impact Award Finalists at https://www.1edtech.org/li/awards/2024 

Read the HSPA Case Study https://www.edalex.com/credentialate/use-cases/hspa-use-case/ 

Learn more about Edalex and its platforms at https://www.edalex.com/

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