openEQUELLA is an open source digital repository that provides one platform to house your teaching and learning, research, media and library content.  openEQUELLA has been deployed for copyright resource collections, research materials, managing and exposing materials through websites and portals, content authoring, workflow, institutional policy and organisational resources.

openEQUELLA is currently in use in a wide range of schools, universities, colleges, TAFEs, departments of education, government agencies, and corporations worldwide.  To see how such institutions have implemented openEQUELLA, click here.

The Apereo Foundation manages the openEQUELLA project. Edalex is pleased to be a Commercial Affiliate of Apereo, and helped transition the software to open source and is currently responsible for the majority of openEQUELLA development.


Edalex provides various bundles of the openEQUELLA platform to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes.


With extensive experience implementing and hosting openEQUELLA environments for K-12 systems, universities, vocational, and corporate training organisations, our team can ensure a rapid and stress-free deployment.

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Edalex offers a range of platforms and services for the education sector. With key management, product strategy, development, support and hosting staff from the original openEQUELLA team, Edalex offers deep expertise in all things openEQUELLA. 


Edalex partners with clients to deliver innovative and mission-critical deployments. Our services are backed by nearly 150 years of combined EQUELLA experience on the team. 


Leverage global best practices to define your content objectives and a clear pathway to success 


Educate your users using our certified and proven training and certification program


Partner with Edalex to design, configure and deploy your enterprise digital repository

Custom Development:

Engage our team of experienced  developers to extend openEQUELLA to fulfill your custom requirements


Rely on our expert team delivering 99.9% availability for rapid launch, as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your environment.  

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