Professional services, hosting, implementation, training and more

Edalex offers a range of platforms and services for the education sector. With key management, product strategy development, support and hosting from the original openEQUELLA team, Edalex offers expertise in strategy, training, implementation, development, support and hosting.

Edalex partners with their clients to deliver innovative and mission-critical deployments. Our services are backed by 150 years of combined openEQUELLA experience on the team.


Global usage

openEQUELLA is currently in use in a wide range of schools, universities, colleges, TAFEs, departments of education, government agencies, and corporations worldwide.


openEQUELLA integrates with a wide range of popular educational technology platforms such as Learning Management Systems.

What is EQUELLA_smartmockups


AutoTag is changing the way institutions manage their content.  For too long, the burden has fallen on end users to manually tag content that is stored in centralised educational platforms such as content and learning management systems.  Utilising Machine Learning, ECS AutoTag automates the process of classifying content, ensuring institutions can maximise their investment in rich, high quality content via increased discoverability.