Edalex offers a range of professional services that delivers structured, methodical, and successful deployments of openEQUELLA. Our proven methodology maximises the effectiveness and benefits from institutional use of the openEQUELLA digital repository.

The Edalex methodology incorporates best practices from deployments to university, vocational, school, government, and corporate clients. The high quality services the Edalex Professional Services team delivers are outlined below:

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openEQUELLA Education Content Management - Strategic Services

Strategic services

Enterprise digital repositories can be a challenge to implement as such solutions can require involvement, assets, and cooperation from a variety of teams, including teaching and learning, library, research, IT, content production, academic departments, marketing, and various others. It is critical to gain the support and cooperation from all institution wide teams – and a clear communication strategy can greatly assist with this important process.

A key to the deployment of openEQUELLA is a strategic approach to its implementation. Whether an institution is implementing openEQUELLA for the first time, or is looking to re-evaluate and expand their existing educational technology architecture, a Strategic Planning Workshop will provide a clear pathway to ensure a balance in interests and objectives for the institution’s digital repository.


As an enterprise-wide solution, openEQUELLA provides a diverse range of deployment capabilities to address the varying requirements of different client institutions. These may include the following:

  • Pilot – the Edalex Professional Services team combines high level experience in the education sector with product expertise. This service guides our clients through the entire life-cycle of deployment, from an initial kick-off workshop, requirements gathering, system configuration, training, staffing requirements, content conversion planning, deployment, and documentation.
  • Full deployment – the openEQUELLA implementation is inclusive of the various installation and configuration requirements the individual institution has chosen to deliver their content, and may include a range of consulting processes that relate directly to each institution’s deployment objectives.
openEQUELLA Digital Content Management Platform - Implementation Services
openEQUELLA Content Management Platform - Content Migration Services

Content migration

As organisations seek to enhance their content management, content stored within learning management systems is often a major focus: by extracting the content into openEQUELLA, the content can be easily and efficiently discovered,contributed, shared, managed and reused. The Edalex Professional Services team has experience extracting data from, and delivering linked content to, a number of LMS platforms.


The openEQUELLA Training Program is designed to equip users with the skill set to interact with openEQUELLA effectively. The openEQUELLA Training Program focuses on effective functional use and management of openEQUELLA, in the context of educational technology theory on learning management and learning content management.

openEQUELLA Digital Repository Education - Training Services


Edalex’s hosting options deliver an expertly-hosted managed instance of openEQUELLA, utilising Amazon Web Services. Edalex is uniquely positioned to provide a stable, supported delivery platform for your openEQUELLA repository. Edalex’s clustered environment means that for a fixed monthly price, your repository institution is hosted on a high availability managed hosted environment. There are multiple redundancy points to maintain a high level of availability.


AutoTag is changing the way institutions manage their content. For too long, the burden has fallen on end users to manually tag content that is stored in centralised educational platforms such as content and learning management systems. Utilising Machine Learning, ECS AutoTag automates the process of classifying content, ensuring institutions can maximise their investment in rich, high quality content via increased discoverability.

  • Platform-agnostic, multi-format support – AutoTag has been designed to be interoperable with popular educational platforms, including content management and learning management systems. AutoTag supports the upload of images and other files, such as docs/docx, PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets and packages (QTI, SCORM, Zip).
  • Optimising content management – AutoTag returns all values detected and the user is able to manually add additional tags to ensure alignment with existing content management conventions. Administrators can configure the confidence score to expand or refine returned values.
openEQUELLA Digital Repository Education - AutoTag Services

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