Hosting and service bundles

We can do the heavy lifting for you

Edalex provides various offerings of the platform to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes

With extensive experience implementing and hosting openEQUELLA environments for K-12 systems, universities, vocational, and corporate training organisations, our team can ensure a rapid and stress-free deployment.



The Essentials bundle is for smaller organisations seeking an easy way to manage learning and training resources, Essentials provides a pre-configured collection for storage of all your key digital assets.

Shared Environment

99.7% availability

Automatic upgrades

No admin access

Pre-configured environment

100GB Storage


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The Advanced bundle enables organisations of all sizes to access a cloud-based environment that can be configured for specific needs.


Dedicated Environment

99.7% availability

Automatic upgrades

Full admin access

Native configuration

500GB Storage

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The Enterprise bundle is for organisations that require full control over their environment, including configuration and customisation requirements, and platform upgrades.

Dedicated environment

99.9% availability

Upgrades by request

Full Admin Access

Full customisability

Scalable storage


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