openEQUELLA Typical Use Cases

Learning & Teaching

openEQUELLA Use Cases - Learning and Teaching Applications for Digital Repository
  • Learning Resources

    At its core, openEQUELLA is a platform designed to store and manage any type of learning content - it’s perfect for those seeking an LCMS or LOR.  It’s typically the primary use case, with openEQUELLA seamlessly integrating with all leading learning management systems.

  • Open educational resources (OER)

    openEQUELLA provides a powerful tool for organisations with a focus on OER.  Many users of the platform combine their private content management needs with a public collection of open educational resources.

  • Content sharing (with external parties)

    An emerging use case for openEQUELLA users, is the establishment of commercial collections for the purpose of distributing best practice content to other organisations.  For sectors with a common curriculum but limited competition, this is an ideal way to avoid duplication of effort.  Methods for sharing involve openEQUELLA-to-openEQUELLA harvesting, as well as direct download.  


openEQUELLA Use Cases - Library Applications for Digital Repository
  • Copyright management

    openEQUELLA’s copyright compliance features include the ability to activate specific attachments (typically book chapters and journal articles) for particular periods within a course to ensure compliance with local copyright laws. openEQUELLA automatically tracks content usage of the activated items and produces the appropriate reports, reducing the reporting workload for institutions.

  • eReserves

    openEQUELLA provides eReserve functionality that enables institutions to manage online IP-restricted materials effectively.

  • Theses collections

    openEQUELLA has been implemented both for ongoing and archival requirements relating to management of digital assets contained as part of a thesis.
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Macquarie University Use Case

Macquarie University (MQ) has been using openEQUELLA since 2013, initially as a centralised digital repository and copyright management system for their Library eReserves, before expanding its use into other areas, such as for Learning and Teaching Resources and as an integrated Multimedia Library. openEQUELLA’s interoperability was a key factor for MQ when choosing which digital content management system they would adopt, as well as its copyright management and highly customisable permissions management capabilities.

Research Collections

openEQUELLA Use Cases - Research Collections Applications for Digital Repository
  • Materials and publications

    For organisations not seeking a fully-fledged research repository, openEQUELLA provides an ideal solution for the storage and retrieval of research materials and publications. The platform possesses key functionally relating to discoverability, and integrates with systems such as Google Scholar.

  • Archives

    openEQUELLA has been implemented for the purpose of storing archival resources for future use, often known as ‘dark archives’.

Knowledge Hubs (ICT)

openEQUELLA Use Cases - Knowledge Hubs (ICT) Applications for Digital Repository
  • Storage consolidation

    Greater content efficiencies are achieved through the consolidation of content stored across disperse databases, applications, and servers.

  • Knowledge base

    Providing rich search functionality, openEQUELLA provides an ideal platform to store and manage knowledge base articles. In creating a knowledge base collection, organisations can choose whether these are made available to both internal and external users.

Institutional Governance

openEQUELLA Use Cases - Institutional Governance Applications for Digital Repository
  • Internal document management

    As a platform capable of storing any type of digital resource, openEQUELLA is perfectly suited for any internal document management requirement.

  • Process and workflow mapping (e.g. accreditation)

    With powerful workflow capabilities, openEQUELLA can be configured to map to specific internal and external processes.

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