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In October 2023, Learning Vault announced the integration of openRSD into their digital credentialing platform with impressive results.

openRSD enables organisations anywhere in the world to quickly launch rich skill descriptors (RSDs), contextualised to locally or globally relevant frameworks. It is the world’s largest open repository of RSDs and enables data mobility through the skills ecosystem.

In their own words

Nicholas Robert Alderdice - Chief Executive Officer of Learning Vault

”The integration of openRSDs within digital credentials marks a transformative leap in credentialing metadata. The future is here, as we harness the power of openRSDs to align with the global open library of skills descriptors, ensuring that credentials are not just a record of achievement, but a dynamic, machine-readable map of an individual’s professional journey and capabilities.”

– Nicholas Robert Alderdice, Founder and CEO, Learning Vault


Learners often need help in comparing credentials and determining the actual career currency each one offers. Employers can struggle with evaluating the duration, intensive and associated assessment of a credential. There needs to be a common skills language that both learners and employers speak. Enter, rich skill descriptors (RSD).

An RSD is a powerful data package that structures skills data and adds context around a particular skill. An RSD is human and machine readable, it gives a common definition of a skill and provides the context behind the skill, it allows interoperability in credentials, and it establishes a shared language between educators and employers.

An RSD is a digital tool that allows curriculum to connect tightly with the skills that employers need and helps match emergent and hidden talent with employers in need of skilled workers. The metadata within RSDs provide transparency and empowers learners to tell the story of the skills they have gained.

Learning Vault’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in their initiative to enhance the significance and applicability of their digital credentials by integrating seamlessly with openRSDs, employing a universally recognised framework.


The new ‘skills’ section within Learning Vault’s platform, launched in 2023, dynamically searches through openRSD and enables the digital credential creator to select the RSD association of their choice. This machine-readable feature enhances Open Badges metadata and future-proofs skills by aligning with the world’s largest open library of skill descriptors.

Some features of the integration include:

  • Single sign on – once logged into the Learning Vault digital credential platform, users do not need to login to openRSD separately
  • The skills section is available directly from within the ‘Create Credential’ screen, and the openRSD connection is made when a user searches for an RSD
  • A pop-up window allows users to search the openRSD library for RSDs that align to the credential. All details are available direct from the pop-up window, creating a seamless user experience
  • Once RSDs are selected, the user can review their choices by accessing them from the Create Credential screen
  • Once the digital credential is issued, learners can see the skills listed in the credential award and open direct links to the skill definitions


This feature is set to further elevate digital credentials, enabling issuers to integrate standardised skills descriptions into credential metadata.

  • Issuing institutions can directly align their curriculum to workplace skills using existing RSDs or develop their own unique RSD collections. This enables them to add more value to their credentials and increase the employability outcomes of their learners.
  • Learners can get a deeper understanding of the skills associated with a credential, and see alignments to which job roles, industries and even companies their skills make them eligible for. This builds their confidence when speaking of their skills and enables deeper and more meaningful discussions with prospective employers.
  • Employers can quickly and easily identify the skills a prospective candidate possesses and align them with their business needs. The eligibility and level of competence is shown clearly and aligned to known frameworks, enabling them to make better hiring decisions.

The skills a learner brings to any career matter, and those skills may be transferable to another position, company, country or entirely different career. With a collection of digital credentials stored, managed and shared from the Learning Vault digital credential platform, and aligned to structured skill definitions using openRSD, learners can take their skills with them, no matter where they go in life.

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