A single source of truth

Interfolio serves as the single source of truth for validated data about academic staff and academic decisions – like hiring, research, and review – at your institution. It reduces the time academic staff spend on service, enabling an increased focus on teaching and research output and increased student satisfaction.

Founded in 1999 and based in Washington, D.C., Interfolio currently works with over two hundred universities of all sizes, including London Business School, Queen’s University (Canada), Yale University, Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University, the University of California-Los Angeles and University of California-San Diego, and others of all sizes.

Interfolio’s products address the full scope of activities in which academic staff at your university engage, including:

  • Recruiting and hiring academic staff
  • Collecting and reporting on data about academic staff activities
  • Managing workflows around academic staff review, promotion, and probation processes
  • Lifetime academic development for every scholar

"It is a simple module to use with the main advantages being a place to store paperwork centrally and the ability to set up a workflow."

Sian Smith, Assistant Director Faculty HR, Research and Faculty Office, London Business School

The Faculty Information System

Interfolio's products offer a central hub for academic staff data, work, and decisions.

With Interfolio, scholars and the institution benefit from:

  • Significantly reduced time to process applications for academic positions and promotion cases
  • Consistency in guidelines and process of candidate review
  • Central collection of easy-to-access applicant documents
  • Comprehensive gains in diversity tracking and outcomes
  • Clarity for academic staff on institutional requirements for promotion
  • A private, portable digital Dossier for academic staff (or graduate students) to curate materials over time and communicate their professional story
  • Substantially reduced time for academic staff in fulfilling annual review requests and committee duties
  • Transparent and equitable processes that provide insight into progress for promotion cases
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