Edalex offer a range of professional services to help your organisation make the shift to skills – from initial consultation to in-house training to full implementation services, we can get you started and provision you and your teams with the ability to act fast.

All of our strategic consulting services can be conducted as platform agnostic (independent of our platforms), or in coordination with our skills-based platforms (Credentialate and openRSD).

Skills-first consultation and report

  • In-depth consultation to identify what you want to recognise
  • Increase understanding of processes and tech enablement 
  • Skills strategy report that can be used to champion a skills-first approach within an institution, mapping out next steps
Skills-First Consultation and Report - Strategic Consulting Services, Edalex
Skills Mapping Training - Strategic Consulting Services, Edalex

Skills mapping

  • In-depth consultation to understand your needs
  • How to surface skills from a curriculum
  • How to align those skills to assessments to measure achievement
  • How to align skills to frameworks and other industry recognised data

RSD training and development

Informational training

  • What is an RSD
  • Introduction to the RSD schema
  • How to connect RSDs to curriculum or learning outcomes
  • openRSD overview and use (free RSD depository platform)

Practical application

  • Based on sources provided by the institution, Edalex will create RSDs to your specifications for you
How to Create Rich Skill Descriptors (RSDs) Training - Strategic Consulting Services, Edalex
Skills Framework Development and Implementation - Strategic Consulting Services, Edalex

Skills framework development and implementation

  • In-depth consultation to understand your needs
  • Build out a skills framework model – i.e. how to put skills into your environment 
  • Produce guides for learners, teachers and consumers
  • Coordinate implementation in collaboration with internal teams

Micro-credential strategy review, development and implementation

  • Strategic planning workshop
  • Review of existing micro-credential program
  • Micro-credential program implementation plan
  • Micro-credential program design and development
Edalex Micro-credentials Program Service

Review and development of strategy and implementation plans for online learning

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Learning platforms

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Partnerships with learning / industry providers

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Learner UX

Edalex - Custom Strategic Consulting Service

Custom strategic consulting services

What’s your vision? What are you wanting to achieve? How might we be able to help you?

If you believe there is something we can assist you with, reach out and we can develop a custom strategic consulting service to fit your need.

Meet our services team

Edalex Managing Director - Dan McFadyen

Dan McFadyen

Co-Founder and Managing Director

For the past 20+ years, Dan has focused on enabling innovation in education powered by educational technology and long-term partnerships with educational institutions. This passion fuelled varied roles from a start-up developing the CODiE award-winning EQUELLA software to global educational powerhouses Blackboard and Pearson. Since 2016 Dan has served as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Edalex, tackling skills- and employability-related challenges by supporting the definition, development and recognition of skills through education. On a personal level, as a dual American-Australian citizen, he struggles daily with the conflict between raising his two children on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or vegemite.

Margo Griffith - Head of Business Development, Edalex

Margo Griffith

Principal Skills Consultant

Margo’s in-depth knowledge and experience of skills, the skills ecosystem, and digital credentials is the result of working in and with higher education providers and edtech leaders, nationally and internationally for over 20 years. She is passionate about the positive impact of technology within education and the enablement of lifelong learning and mobility. Margo co-convenes a Cross Sector Community of practice around Microcredentials in Australia and sits on the Executive of the International Council of Badges and Credentials (ICoBC). She writes blog posts around challenges surrounding the learn-to-earn journey. Margo is currently exploring Systems Thinking concepts and their relation to the emerging skills ecosystem.

Melinda O'Halloran - Senior Project Manager, Edalex

Melinda O’Halloran

Senior Project Manager

Melinda has 18 years’ experience in people and outcomes management at program, project and business operations levels and is qualified in the application of AIPM, Agile and Critical Path methodologies. She has enjoyed long-term project engagements in multiple industries and has proven leadership skills and the ability to unite teams comprising diverse resources. Melinda was the Co-Lead of Edalex’s collaboration with the Education Design Lab and the University of Melbourne, for a recently completed OSN Skill Collaborative project.

Erik Styles - Headshot

Erik Styles

Learning Designer

A learning designer and consultant with over 15 years of experience creating online learning solutions for higher education clients worldwide. Erik specialises in working with instructors and subject matter experts to design and build engaging, outcome-driven learning experiences.

Dr Asheley Jones - V2

Dr Asheley Jones

Skills Consultant

Asheley has three decades experience in the education, technology, and professional service sectors. She is a recognised thought leader in the development and deployment of assessment capability frameworks, built to underpin whole of work learning and development transformation projects. She has a well-established record in developing skill gap analysis models to inform the build of pertinent learning and development solutions that meet the emerging skill capabilities required by organisations to stay at the forefront of workforce development requirements. An early entrant in micro-credential development, Asheley has assisted global corporations from the agricultural, financial services and health care sectors, the Digital Skills Organisation, Victorian TAFE International, Victorian and New South Wales Governments, as well as ASX 100 corporate clients, and the Accounting, Engineering, Marketing, Data Analytics, and ICT Professional Associations develop and deploy capability frameworks, aligned to learning and development solutions to underpin whole of business transformation projects.

Wendy Palmer - Principal Consultant - Lifelong Learning Practice

Wendy Palmer

Skills Consultant

Wendy is an experienced senior executive focused on designing organisation-wide strategies and innovative solutions for learning within complex higher education and industry environments. She is adept at understanding and responding to disruption in an environment where the lines between formal and informal learning are blurring and where learners and industry are looking for new solutions that provide increasing value. Wendy’s collaborative approach to influencing and implementing change has enabled her to deliver proven results across the whole of organisation and sector change initiatives where she has pioneered new and innovative approaches to higher education, digital learning, micro-credentials and intertwined learning and career pathways.

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