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This series will focus on the key Stakeholders in the Modern Credential Marketplace – who they are, what drives them and what challenges and opportunities they face.

Edalex eBook - Lens on Educators

The second stakeholder in our series puts a Lens on Educators. In this arc, we ask:

  • How can educators at all levels align skills related competency data to frameworks so that issued credentials, diplomas, and degrees mean something in a skills marketplace?
  • How can this data help institutions make better, data-driven decisions about program and curriculum content?
  • What can be done to help educators visualise and track individual skills and competency data across subjects, courses and programs – enabling them to be tied to a credential that makes a difference to learners employability?
  • How can educators better align skills and competencies with local, regional, national and global labour market data?
  • How can educational institutions help provide learners with evidence records and tools to talk to their personal skills and competencies, which in turn will enable them to gain employment or improve their current employment situation?

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Edalex eBook - Lens on Educators
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