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This series will focus on the key Stakeholders in the Modern Credential Marketplace – who they are, what drives them and what challenges and opportunities they face.

Lens on Employers

The third stakeholder in our series puts a Lens on Employers. In this arc, we ask:

  • How are educators and industry partners collaborating to align study and work more closely?
  • How well do employers understand the information that digital badges provide and how can we bridge the gaps?
  • How can educators attract and support lifelong learners who are already fully employed, and in the current work culture?
  • How can micro-credentials and digital badges support employees wanting to progress in their career or transition to a new one?
  • How can educators and employers work together to recognise and validate the skills of their existing employees?
  • How can employers utilise micro-credentials and digital badges to assist them in workforce management and planning?
  • What role does technology play in all the above?

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Lens on Employers - Educator and Industry Collaborations
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