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Edalex's Credentialate Blog Post - Open Skills, Open Credentials, Open Opportunities

Open Skills, Open Credentials, Open Opportunities

The purpose of education in any form can really be boiled down to one thing: opportunities including personal improvement, career advancement, increased income levels, and increased levels of personal satisfaction. Skills-based education, hiring, and even the creation of job listings are the future. What does that opportunity look like?

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Credentialate Guides - Tech Enablement of Next Generation Learning

Tech Enablement of Next-Generation Learning

There is an ongoing transformation of education towards a skills-focused and tech-enabled educational model. The learning community is shifting away from traditional four-year degrees, with major tech companies no longer requiring them and instead emphasising skills. In this information-rich Credentialate Guide, we ask – What is the Next-Generation Learning likely to look like? What are the challenges and opportunities associated with shifting to skills-based education? How can technology, such as digital credentials, be leveraged to create a more robust and accessible system for documenting and verifying skills and competencies? What role do community colleges, vocational education, and emerging technologies like AI play in the evolving education landscape.

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Edalex Blog Post: Community Colleges Stacking Credentials as a Bridge to Higher-Education

Community Colleges: Stacking Credentials as a Bridge to Higher Education

Community colleges traditionally were created to address the population of learners who pursued two-year degree programs, which often led to transferring into a four-year university degree. However, as global skills gaps have increased, the need to shift from a traditional student demographic and outcome, to one that meets the needs of lifelong learners seeking to re-skill or upskill to stay relevant, has become critical. Lack of funding and infrastructure created challenges for many community colleges seeking to pivot to meet this new demand.

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